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#1 Posted by HeavyDuty32 (345 posts) -

Does anybody know how to make the Steam version launch in windowed mode?  I can't find anything about the launch options, and the solution most people have about making the settings.txt file doesn't work for me.  My computer can't run games in fullscreen mode for some reason, so please for once nobody answer with "run the game, then go to options and turn off full screen, duuuuuuh".

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#2 Posted by Animasta (14909 posts) -

properties -> set launch options -> windowed? or something close to that

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#3 Posted by HeavyDuty32 (345 posts) -

I tried windowed, window, sw, and w.  None of those work :(

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#4 Posted by Murdouken (769 posts) -

it's "-windowed" without the quotations.

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