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A roller coaster ride from the start to the end..

When I got Dead Space, it was so that I could play an exciting game whenever my friends came over. And because of being busy with schoolwork and our daily lives, those times did not come a lot..
Yes, that was the story for half of the game. But somewhere past the half, (which took us months to reach), I was injected to play the game all by myself.
                                                                               And I Couldn't Stop
Dead Space is basically a Survivor-Horror-Third Person Shooter game, which puts you in the shoes of Isaac Clarke, an engineer, who has been sent with a small crew  to investigate the USG Ishimura, whose communication has suddenly cut off.
You discover that an infection has spread throughout the ship, and your crew and you get separated. From then on it's basically just a quest to survive and escape, but then you become a part of something really big.
Gameplay is basic third person shooting action, where you shoot to kill.  But the enemies don't just die by shooting

Shoot at his legs, duder
Shoot at his legs, duder
straight at them or their heads. 
Different enemies need to be shot in different places to be stopped. Like the legs, for one enemy type, for example.  
You can also do melee fighting for enemies up close, but that doesn't usually do much damage, it's just for giving you time and breathing space. 


There are seven weapons, and most of them are tools, made by Isaac himself, used as guns (since he is an engineer)
Each weapon also has an alternate firing mode, which can be used tactically in different situations. 
Graphically as well this game does a good job. It's sharply textured, big things look big, and everything is well detailed.

Soundtrack is deadly, and comes in at the right moments, doubling the creepiness of the game.
You'll be walking around in a completely empty area of the ship, but you might hear sounds of creatures far away, or you might hear sounds of stuff moving somewhere in the air vents.. that really makes you jumpy..
 Couldn't be more immersive
 Couldn't be more immersive
Surely the environment created deserves applause. You feel that you are in a place that no one is aware of, and you constantly get the feeling of paranoia. The developers have successfully created an environment that makes you go all stiff in your chair.  At times I would realize that I was unconsciously sitting all straight with my eyes wide open while playing the game!

One super thing I found about the game was that every thing that is Large Scale - FEELS Huge
Big-ass stuff
Big-ass stuff
  The various Space ship machines, the environments, and especially the 100+ meter huge boss monsters.. 
And everything happens in real time-everything. So instead of cutscenes, you'll actually be standing where you are, and unbelievably awesome and huge things will happen in front of you.   (can't specify much without using spoilers!)
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The game also has some RPG-type character development. You occasionally come across upgrade areas called workbenches. Here you can use costly Power nodes that you acquire throughout the game in order to upgrade different things such as your weapons, armour (RIG), and other utilities that come with it. This provides a feel of custom character development, and allows you to modify your style of playing.

All in all, Dead Space is a very technically advanced game, and will give you a total Adrenaline Pumping experience..
Play it if you haven't yet!

 Now Play It Before I Shoot You
 Now Play It Before I Shoot You

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