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    Dead to Rights

    Game » consists of 13 releases. Released Aug 19, 2002

    Dead to Rights is an action game by Namco that puts you in the shoes of Jack Slate, a fugitive cop who's been framed for murder.

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    Player's assume the role of undercover police officer Jack Slate. Jack is a member of the local K-9 Unit, whom he is partners with his dog Shadow. Together they clean the mean streets, using rather questionable methods. The gritty story of corruption begins when Jack Slate is called to a simple "Shots fired" situation at a construction yard. Upon completing the tutorial level, a homicide case is discovered, and there on, Officer Jack Slate is cast into the Underbelly of crime. As the story progresses, Jack is kicked off the squad, and all his friends and family abandon him. It's up to him and Shadow to expose the truth and bring those to Justice.

    The Xbox version is backwards compatible with the Xbox 360 and was released on the system's online storefront on October 23, 2017. On October 24, 2017, it was made backwards compatible with the Xbox One.


    Gameplay in Dead to Rights is very much like that of Max Payne--players can dive in all directions in or out of slow-mo--but flows at a much faster pace. The weapons are very easy to find and come in huge numbers. Enemies also tend to come in numbers of the hundreds, all just waiting to be gunned down. However the game was both criticized and praised for its challenging level of difficulty difficulty.

    Dead to Rights had a large assortment of mini-games as well, ranging from lock picking to pole dancing strippers.


    Taking place in Grant City, known as "The Hardest Place on Earth". Jack Slate, a police officer along with his partner in the K-9 unit, Shadow, get a call to look into a simple shots fire call at a construction zone in which he finds lots of "construction workers" toting guns. After the multiple gun battles Jack finds that his father has been murdered. While looking for his father's killer Jack ends up being framed for the murder of Augie Blatz and sentenced to death because of it. After seven months in prison Jack makes his escape, with the aid of Preacherman Jones and is now on the hunt for the one who framed him and killed his father. During his escape from prison Jack is almost run down by Marvin Silt. Shadow ends up saving him just before he gets hit and the two steal Silt's car and drive off. Jack's first order of business was to go back to the apartment where he was framed to get some clothes then to go to Chinatown to located Fat Chow for weaponry and to find out who Marvin Silt is. Jack finds Marin and while he's interrogating him a woman named Eve Adams murders Silt. Based on Jack's description Eve is able to ID the assassin who was hired to frame Jack known as Patch. Before escaping, the two battle Fat Chow and his goons. Fat Chow is killed and Jack now has a lead.

    Jack goes to visit his father's grave and meets Hildy Razwell, his father's former assistant and learns from her that his father was investigating the possible corruption of the current mayor William Pinnacle and the police force for mayoral candidate Gloria Exner before he was killed. During the meeting Jack is assaulted by unknown attackers in clown masks. Jack eventually escapes the cemetery and calls Eve to find out who his attackers were. During the conversation Eve slips out that there has been a hit placed on Exner and every assassin in the city will be going after her. Jack and Eve foil the assassination attempt but then Eve is murdered by Patch. Jack then gives chase to Patch and causes his limbo to crash, killing him. Before feeling the scene he find and takes Patch's pager.

    Now with no lead Jack goes to Exner to find out more about what his father was really doing for her. While on his way he overhears a plot from corrupt police officers known as the GAC and lead by police chief Richard "Dick" Hennessey attempting to murder Exner. Jack then protects Gloria and learns a more about what his father was investigating. After getting a message on Patch's pager Jack now chases a man named Gofer to the docks hoping that he has answers for him. Jack unfortunately arrives to late and finds Gofer murdered. After the battle with Gofer's murderer, Jack is injured and goes to Hildy for help. She patches him up and just as he's about to leave some mercenaries led by Rafshoon Diggs capture both Hildy and Jack. Jack is taken away and interrogated by Fahook Ubduhl, a Middle Eastern crime lord. With Shadow's help Jack manages to escape. Just before he makes it to Hildy she is taken away and finds out that Fahook is running a gold mining and smuggling ring with the mayor Pinnacle.

    Jack goes back to the prison where he kills Diggs, finds Pinnacle and he reveals to Jack that it was Hennessey who killed his father. Hennessey had also been blackmailing both the mayor the most of Grant City's underbelly for power. Jack forms an alliance with the mayor in order to get incriminating files on Hennessey in exchange for a pardon of all his crimes.

    Jack gets the files (while at the same time finding out his clown masked attackers at the cemetery were crooked cops in disguise) but instead decided to give them to Exner so that she could take down both Pinnacle and Hennessey. Exner immediately betrays Jack out of fear of being killed by Pinnacle and bows out of the election. However just before she leaves Exner is killed by Hildy who is now working for Fahook. She takes the files and runs off to Fahook's hideout, an abandoned Air Force base. Jack tails Hildy because he believes she doesn't know what she's gotten herself into. There, Hildy is murdered by mayor Pinnacle just as she had given the files to Fahook. Jack kills Pinnacle, Fahook escapes on a plane, but Jack gets on board of the plane just before it takes off, blowing up the base at the same time. Jack then chases Fahook into the cargo hold, kills him, get's the files back. He is the only survivor of the ensuing plane crash.

    Jack then gives the files to reporter Kip Waterman to put on the news to reveal the truth of it all before going off and getting his revenge on Hennessey. Jack finds Hennessey in an apartment building, kills him and leaves town. Jack states that with Hennessey, Blatz, and Fahook, three major crime lords, dead, there will be a struggle for power among the criminal underworld and that while he has justice for his father's murder, it will take more than him to clear the city of crime.

    During the credits it is revealed that Jack pretended to have died during the plane crash at the Air Force base with only Kip Waterman knowing he's actually still alive. Preacherman Jones had also received a package from Jack with a note saying "faith, padre, faith", a bar of gold, and evidence taken from Hennessey's files that could clear Jones' name from the crime he was framed for.


    • .45 Auto Pistol
    • .50 Magnum
    • M629 .44
    • M92 Silenced Pistol
    • SPAS-12
    • MARK-3 Auto Shotgun
    • M210 Double Barrel
    • M11 Silenced SMG
    • MP5-A5 SMG
    • AKM
    • M4 Carbine
    • M60 Machinegun
    • L96A1 Sniper
    • PSG1
    • M79 Grenade Launcher
    • M202A1 Missile Launcher
    • Flamethrower

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