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Great Concept, not a great game. 0

Deadliest Warrior: The Game seems right of the bat like it's gonna be a great fighter, pinning different legendary warriors against eachother in an M rated game based on Spike TV's show with the same name, to finally find out who is the greatest warrior of them all.   The game features 8 characters. The Knight, The Viking, The Pirate, The Roman Centurion, The Spartan, The Ninja, The Samurai and the Apache and 4 stages plus one unlockable. When you start playing, you start out with basic weapons,...

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Who is the Deadliest? 2

Most people might have cast this game off right off the bat for being based on a T.V show, thinking it maybe be a cheap cash in. But is there more to this T.V show based game than you think?    In the show, two different warriors from different time periods fought to see who would win and end arguments like "pirate or ninja?" By calculating each warriors' weapon statistics, accuracy, damage, and so on. After all statistics are accumulated, they would be put into a program to see which warr...

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The Deadliest Warriors meet to battle once again 0

Spike TV’s hit show arrives to Xbox Live Arcade and provides a solid fighting engine and mechanics, while staying true to the warriors in the show. Eight of the best are here with the Ninja, Spartan, Centurion, Viking, Apache, Knight, Samurai, and Pirate making up the default roster of fighters, with more promised down the line as Downloadable Content. Combat is very deadly, and a great game for fans to play. At their disposals are Long and Mid Range attacks, projectiles to use, and a special ...

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Because it's fun. 0

I'll be brief and honest here.  Deadliest Warrior isn't a good game.  It has framerate issues, simple (but still difficult to use) controls and I'm sure people who are deeply into fighting games will point out all sorts of balance issues.  But really, you should play this because it is a blast.  It's silly, bloody fun and the fact that it's 800 points means that really your value for money should be self-evident....

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An interesting diversion, but nothing more 0

Despite being a martial artist and a hardcore enthusiast of the history of combat, I have purposely avoided the Deadliest Warrior television show. From what I have heard from those that have seen it, as well as what I've read about it, it seems like the historical warfare version of MythBusters: a bunch of quasi-experts are hired to present inaccurate fluff that is more entertainment than education. Even skimming through a synopsis of an episode's match-ups would cause headaches to anyone with e...

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dont play this game,,though i like warriors and,,vikings,,spartans,,ninjas ans so on.., 0

waste of time;p gameplay is awful and terrible,,everything isnt,,but we review games in terms of gameplayonly reason this game gets two stars is all the info about our warriors here,much unlocks(to unlock) ,,many things to learn obvously;p,,i spend microsoft points on this,,didnt understand why i did it,,there seemed to be many things to unlock and do in this game,,extras bonuses and so on,,costumes etcetc,,and i liked the idea of warrriors of the type spartans,,viking,,ninja,,samurai,,represn...

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Good game lacking transparency 0

 Deadliest Warrior is a fighting game that is deep and requires a tactical approach. However, it forgets to tell you that, and proceeds to make a bad first impression.   I CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. Once you download the game, the first thing you must do is go into the settings and put the difficulty on "Normal" (lowest difficulty). It's default setting is "Hard". On hard, the computer plays aggressively and intelligently, while you're trying to find the block button. If you play it on hard ...

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"Who is Deadliest?" 0

     Microsoft officially kicked off their Summer of Arcade 2010 last night with the release of Limbo, but considering my next review subject was just released last week, I don’t see why it couldn’t be part of this awesome event highlighting original XBL titles. Of course, I am talking about Spike Games’ Deadliest Warrior: The Game available now.Based on Spike’s TV show of the same name, Deadliest Warrior: The Game takes seven combatants from the first season and the Roman Centurion from the sec...

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Jeff hates fighting games. 0

I swear these people shouldn't be allowed to review fighting games. They crap on BlazBlue, now this. For 800 points if you enjoy fighting games, particularly Bushido Blade, this game is a blast. I haven't laughed so much or had so much mindless fun in a while. It has strategy, but button-mashing is viable as well. Is it worth $59.99? No. But guess what? It only costs $9.99. Buy it.The fantastic thing is that it's accessible to people of all skill levels. Sure, the better player will generally wi...

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Deadliest Warrior Review 0

By - Craig H.Deadliest Warrior: The Game is based on the hit TV show on Spike TV. In the show, two historical warriors are pitted against one another to see, theoretically, who would win in a fight to the death. The extensive research on close, mid-range and long-range weapons for each combatant are used in the simulation of 100 battles to find out who statistically would win in a battle. The show is pure fiction but the crazy use of ballistic dummies, pig carcasses and historical weapons has cr...

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A Bushido Blade clone that knows what it's doing. 0

Deadliest Warrior is a strange fighting game, a great one, but strange.  Graphics 3/5 I'll let you guess what happens next.         I'll get this out of the way first, the graphics are pretty good. At least for a $10 game they are. It uses 3D models and arenas that they attempt to make look real but the animations are very stiff and don't change to fit the weapon in use at the time, for example the ninja stabbing someone with a metal ball just is awkward. However when the animations do go off c...

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