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Deadlight reviewed by Doc D Strange

I have a problem in my life were I always over hype video games and movies that look interesting to me. Deadlight is one of those games that I heard of from this website and others and thought "hellz ya this is gonna be fucking amazing, I loved games from back in the day like Out of this World and Flashback". In some ways this game is alot like those fantastic old games from my youth but Deadlight has issues.


The year is 1986 in Seattle during the Zombie Apocalypse, you play as Randall Wayne a Canadian park ranger who says the cheesiest shit I have heard in a video game. The story revolves around "Wayne" trying to reach his wife and daughter in one of the safe zones in the city. Deadlight starts with Wayne and a group of survivors hold up in a warehouse when Shadows (Deadlight's version of zombies) overrun they're camp. Of course the player gets separated from the rest of the group and he's now alone and on a mission to save his family in the highly dangerous city of Seattle.

The Zombie Apocalypse looks beautiful, at least in the game
The Zombie Apocalypse looks beautiful, at least in the game

On to the gameplay, Deadlight is a 2D sidescroller in the vein of games like Flashback with a little bit of Limbo in it. I have heard people say it plays like a Metroidvania but those games have an over world map with tons of upgrades to get and this game is straight up an action platformer were you go from left to right. Wayne can get upgrades to his health and stamina but nothing more than that. He also gets and axe that is way more useful then any of the guns you receive throughout the game. Jumping through, over or under the obstacles in front of you is the name of the game. OH! Also helicopters that chase you. How could I forget that.


There are comic book cut scenes between chapters
There are comic book cut scenes between chapters

Graphically Deadlight is a marvel, this is one of the reasons you should check this game out. Screenshots don't do Deadlight justice. The artistic design that Tequila Works put into this game is beautiful and very well done. There's a really nice touch when your "Wayne" runs out of stamina the screen wigs the fuck out in a cool looking way.

Tequila Works is a Spanish developer and that might be why Deadlights dialog is some of the worst I have heard in a while. Not hating on any developers or people from Spain but this game is mad cheesy. The voice work isn't good. Maybe they were going for that 80's style Zombie flick and that's why the dialog is the way it is, I don't know. Music is good though.


Leader boards that's it.

Is this game any fun

Aside from the awful dialog, Deadlight is fun. Good not great. Tons of trial and error can get really annoying you will die sometime from glitches and other times from unresponsive controls. Deadlight is a very short game, it took me about 2 hours the first time through and 1 hour and 8 minutes the second time. For 15 bucks (1200 MS points) and around a 2 hour game experience, I don't think Deadlight is worth it. Having said that, Deadlight has some charm to it and if you are in anyway interested than checkout the demo first that will tell you everything.

Beer of the Review

Um, it's good
Um, it's good

Oskar Blues makes a amazing beer called "Dales Pale Ale". I can't really put my finger on it but Dales Pale Ale taste alot like Fat Tire if Fat Tire got hit by gamma radiation, I guess. Oskar Blues brewery has abunch of different beers but when I go to they're bar/restaurant I always get a Dales over anything else. Check them out at www.oskarblues.com

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