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Does whatever a Man can 0

Deadly Creatures: A game about a scorpion and a spider, the type of alliance you’d normally only see in comics when the writer is running out of ideas.Story : Dennis Hopper and Billy Bob Thornton lend their voices to a pair of hillbillies looking for treasure in the desert. Except you’re not playing as Dennis Hopper and Billy Bob Thornton, you’re playing as a tarantula and a scorpion, who’s own paths in life only briefly intersect with that of said hicks. It’s akin to a documentary having a poin...

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If I saw a scorpion do that in real life... 2

Deadly Creatures takes a game that is so simple in both concept and design that it makes me wonder why it didn't come along sooner.  It really doesn't benefit from any current technology in graphics or game play, and the use of the Wii remote is something that could have easily been done just as well on a standard controller years ago.  The games graphics really aren't that great even by Wii standards, and the all too often infuriating glitches made it apparent that not much effort went into pol...

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Feels Creepy and it Should 0

From the moment I started playing Deadly Creatures it gave me the willies. The quality of the animation of the creatures is simply great. Some of the best animation I have seen in any game, ever.  Just walking around as a spider give you the creepy feeling you get when you see or think about spiders. The sound design also adds to the tension and provides a great atmosphere for the game. The gameplay does well to utilize the Wii controls by using simply gestures and gesture based events (QTEs, fi...

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Buggy in More Ways Than One... 0

 When Wii first launched I had a few expectations of the console. The first was that classic franchises and genres could be improved and somewhat reinvented with the new controller and that we'd see a bunch of innovative and fresh ideas on the system. Deadly Creatures certainly falls into that latter category. The game puts you in control of a tarantula and a scorpion as you alternate between the two with each of the 10 chapters. The spider is quick, can jump, has the ability to...

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