Twin Peaks references in Deadly Premonition

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 Hey, I thought it might be fun to start listing Twin Peaks references that folks have found in Deadly Premonition.  Twin Peaks is one of my favorite TV series and I'm having a lot of fun playing this crazy game.  I'll start us off with some of the more obvious ones:
FBI agent visits small northwestern US town to investigate a young woman's murder.
 Agent York and Agent Cooper are both obsessed with coffee. 

Agent York talks to someone no one else sees named Zach, much like Agent Cooper talks to his tape recorder Diane. 

The exterior and some interiors of the Sheriff's station in the game look almost identical to the station in the TV show. 
In his sleep, Agent York visits a surreal room covered in red leaves where children talk to him in strange voices.  Agent Cooper visits a surreal room with red curtains and backwards-talking dwarf.
Agent York gets excited about biscuits, while Agent Cooper gets excited about pie.

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Here's another:
The receptionist at the hospital is reading a book that mirrors the real investigation in Deadly Premonition.  The characters in Twin Peaks often watch a soap opera that roughly mirrors what's going on in their lives.

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York's hair randomly turns white towards the end, much like Leland Palmer (Laura's dad)
 The camera in Twin Peaks would sometimes focus on wall-mounted deer heads, and in Deadly Premonition there's a moving deer head in the "room" in the pause menu
 In DP there's Sigourney the Pot Lady, and in TP there's Margaret the Log Lady. Two odd women who carry around and talk to inanimate objects
Both York and Cooper got clues pertaining to the case from a strange other world
Both stories kick off with the mysterious death of a young, seemingly innocent girl
Probably a lot more but that's all I have right now.

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Twin Peaks is a crazy ass mindfuck TV show that was made 20 years ago, DP is a crazy ass mindfuck video game that could have been made 8 years ago.

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@BjornTheUnicorn said:
"Twin Peaks is a crazy ass mindfuck TV show that was made 20 years ago. "

And its $20....*Mind-fuck*
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Let's see...
The town meeting York calls is set up similarly to the one Cooper holds in the pilot episode.
York and Cooper have utilize enhanced methods of solving crimes (York's profiling, Cooper's rock in a bucket Tibetan trick).
Death of a local girl exposes the seedy underbelly of a seemingly peaceful town.
Thomas McIntyre (sp) mannerisms can be seen as being similar to Lucy Moran, the receptionist of the Twin Peaks Sheriff's office (Thomas also doubles up as the receptionist from time to time). 
Anna Graham is Laura Palmer.
York's visit to the Red Forest (Twin Peaks' Red Room) leads him into a visitation of Anna, like Cooper's dream in episode 1.
Anna Graham's waitress outfit is exactly the same as those worn by the employees of Twin Peaks' Double R Diner.
The hidden red seed found in Anna Graham's body mirrors Cooper finding a small letter underneath Laura Palmer's fingernail.

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The layout of the diner in Deadly Premonition is pretty much identical to the Double R diner in North Bend. Unfortunately, it's quite the tourist attraction now and the current owners changed the name to Twede's Cafe and put a whole bunch of Tweety birds all over the place. No idea why. Back by the restrooms (on the wall where you get the recipes in the game), they have a bunch of photos of David Lynch and the crew filming and news articles about the show and stuff.
Also, by the restrooms, they have all of the Twin Peaks trading cards displayed. I'm assuming that this is where they got the idea for the trading cards in the game.

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Is there a midget that speaks backwards and dances funny in this game?  That little guy freaked me out in Twin Peaks.

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The crying deputy.

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York flips out about biscuits in the way that Agent Cooper flips out about pie.

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goddammit, spoilers grrahh

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Lets see, Twin Peaks is set in the  80's and has a lumber mill that is financially failing with a town population of around 6.6 thousand people.  Deadly Premonition  takes place in 2008-2010ish in the town of Greenvale which has a town population of about 660, however this is only about 10% of what it was in the late 80's.  It suffered such a huge population loss because the only major business and employer in town had to shut down due to financial issues, that business was the lumber mill. 

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Best thread ever. 
OK let's see...  *SPOILERS FOR BOTH TP and DP* 

  • Deputy Andy in Twin Peaks cries when seeing Laura Palmer's body just like Thomas does in DP. 
  •  There's a lumber mill as a central location in both the show and game. 
  • People are afraid to go out when it rains in Deadly Premonition. This reminds me a lot of when Harry tells Cooper in Twin Peaks about the evil presence surrounding the town of Twin Peaks. Hence, he and the rest of the Bookhouse Boys look after the town. 
  • York's coffee premonitions and red-room dreams are akin to Agent Cooper's dreams and his use of the Tibetan Technique using rocks and glass bottles to narrow down a list of suspects.   
  • Both have red rooms!
  • A giant hotel: in Twin Peaks it's the Great Northern in DP it's Polly Oxford's Hotel.  
  • The General character in DP reminds me of another great serviceman from Twin Peaks, Major Briggs.  
  • Anna's murder is linked to a series of killings based on the presence of red seeds. This is what brings York to the case. This is just like the tiny pieces of paper under the fingernails of victims in Twin Peaks. This brings Cooper to Twin Peaks. 
  • Both men discovered the evidence during an examination in the local morgue.  
  • A bit of a stretch but York's obsession with movies reminds me of Coopers love for Tibetan culture.  
  • Anna worked at the diner just like Shelley Johnson worked at the Double R Diner. Come to think of it, the diner in Deadly Prem. is called the A&G, another diner with two letters- just like the RR diner in Twin Peaks.     
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My avatar is better.

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I'm starting to think that Anna Graham is a mix of Twin Peaks characters. Diane's description of her in the Town Hall chapter resembles the giggling German waitress from Twin Peaks (seen first on the Pilot episode).

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Twin Peaks (Pilot): Camera shot of black and white shoes getting in a car, woman wearing them changes to red high heels shoes later on.
Deadly Premonition: Camera shot of red high heels shoes getting out of a car.

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I believe Thomas is more so like Andy from the show, mixed in with Denise/Dennis due to the cross dressing randomness.

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I seem to recall someone claiming that Laura Palmer's photo can be found somewhere in Deadly Premonition. Does anyone know where it is?

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@kevinski said:
" I seem to recall someone claiming that Laura Palmer's photo can be found somewhere in Deadly Premonition. Does anyone know where it is? "
Nope, but on VJ-23, at 44:55, you can clearly see a picture of the Great Northern Hotel from Twin Peaks above York's bed.
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Names are names, but the owner of the art gallary has the same name as the woman Dale's always recording for.

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