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Deadpool didn't earn this remaster but we still got it 1

This game highlights the remaster age we are in. That statement doesn't mean this is a bad game since it has a few good points too. Starting off this game is all about Deadpool staring in his own game. Plenty of wacky moments of him realizing he his in a game and general crazyness await. Sadly the humor didn't leave me laughing and instead the gameplay was where I enjoyed my time playing this game.A few X-Men show up but they don't do anything other than being thrown into a bunch of jokes.They r...

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Deadpool is a game that's very sure of what it is, but is what it is very good? 0

Superheroes have a tenuous spot in the annals of Video Game history. The recent Arkham games notwithstanding, most comic book inspired video games have ranged from terrible (see: Superman 64) to simply middling (see: any given Marvel game from the past five years). Deadpool doesn't do much to buck this trend, though it leans more on the middling side of things than the terrible. Functionally, it's a basically functional low-rent God of War with some basic platforming and shooting, but the story ...

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If you love Deadpool this will be a good afternoon game once it's on the cheap. 0

Rating: 3/5Platform: PC (Controller)Time to Completion: 5 HoursDate Completed: June 26th, 2013Thoughts: Deadpool is a not so great game, but if you really like the Deadpool character it's worth picking up and playing once it hits the bargain bin.The gameplay gets rather repetitive very quickly, but it's serviceable enough to keep going through it. Unless you are a masochist I suggest playing this game on easy as the combat is not varied enough to really make playing at harder levels any more fun...

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Deadpool Review. 0

At times I almost feel guilty for enjoying Deadpool, it's not exactly a bad game it's just flawed and generic in a way that seems almost fitting for the source material for which it's based. Deadpool, Marvel's hapless goon won't be converting those who already hate his endless fourth wall breaking jokes and stupid humor, yet every now and then I couldn't help break a smile. But maybe that's just me, maybe I enjoy fart and flatulence jokes more than I'd like to admit... that's sort of worrying.D...

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The Merc with the Game 0

When you think of Marvel, Deadpool isn't the guy that first comes to mind for most. He's not really the poster child for Marvel and I personally don't know anyone who knows who he really is or has read his comics. But none of that really matters as Deadpool's game manages to comically tell you who exactly he is and what he's all about. The only problem is that you have to sit through some boring gameplay to get to know the man.Be warned before even thinking about attempting this game: Deadpool ...

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My Deadpool Review 0

I might not be the biggest Deadpool fan, but I have enjoyed his comics from time to time. The thing that made him a cool character was his fourth-wall-breaking, psychotic and crazy routine along with his sarcastic and perverse humor. However, you never had to actually hear him (or the voices in his head) talk, just read the talk bubbles. In the game you don’t have to just deal with a bad game in many areas, but you have to deal with him coming off as an ADHD ten-year-old child. He has his momen...

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It is what it is! 0

So, that was fun, beat it on veteran, totally didn't upgrade my melee weapons >_< oops..Story wise, GREAT! I think thats about how most of the comics go, except deadpool got to win the day! Lower your maturity level a bit, and the game might actually be really funny too!Gameplay, not as laggy or choppy as GiantBomb's gameplay video would make you think, I was able to chain plenty of things together! And the double teleport is more handy later on!The difficulty is actually quite nice!, I d...

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This game entirely depends on your opinion of Deadpool 0

The easiest reviews to write are for the games that are very bad (where you can vent all your frustrations and push people away from a product) or extremely good (were you can gush all your praises and draw people into making a purchase). So therefore I announce that this game is very hard to review because it sits dead middle on the spectrum of good to bad.Inherently there is nothing terrible about Deadpool. You take control of the title character a.k.a Wade Wilson as he... well, breaks the fou...

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Deadpool's comedy misses as much as it hits and its brand of button mashing combat is too safe to sufficiently enjoy 0

A delusional anti-hero with a love of casual misogyny, a serious case of ADD, multiple personalities and a constant habit of bulldozing straight through the forth wall. Deadpool is not exactly your typical run-of-the-mill Marvel superhero. You either love his brand of puerile, off-kilter humour and zany antics or loathe his annoying in-your-face demeanour; the Merc with a Mouth polarizes comic book fans quite like no other. Whichever side of the fence you fall on will dictate how much enjoyment ...

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How Much Nolan North? 0

Chimichangas, budgets, and voice acting are rarely used as the basis for serious video game stories, but High Moon Studios didn’t try to create a serious game when they made Deadpool. High Moon chose to create a game that focused on crazy dialogue, violent action, and dick jokes. Most of the time, Deadpool fulfilled the goals that High Moon set, but the experience did occasionally fail to entertain.Deadpool isn't a fan of plot points.Deadpool focused on the titular character and his quest to cr...

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It slices, it dices, it makes average game tie ins. 0

The RadDoes a pretty good job at capturing Deadpools brand of humor.Serviceable melee combat.The BadGunplay not so fun.Game looks a bit like ass.Significant frame rate issues on the 360.I didn’t come into this thing expecting a game of the year candidate and we certainly aren’t getting one from it. I expected a lot of dumb-ass humor and serviceable gameplay and for the most part you get that.Except when you don’t.The humor is definitely the games strongpoint in my book but more than a lot of thi...

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All together now: This is for the fans!!!! 0

Originally written 8-14-13Deadpool, also known as the Merc with the Mouth, is in his apartment hoping that the video game developer High Moon Studios accepts his idea to create a video game for him. At first they refuse but he was able to persuade them into going through with the idea. From his apartment the game begins, he goes after a man whom is later snatched from under his nose by members of Mr. Sinister's group called the Marauders. -summaryDespite being a hardcore comic book fan, most no...

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Deadpool review - far from a marvel 0

High Moon Studios has a history of bringing well known franchises to the gaming space with a verve and panache that is not often seen in licensed titles. Both 2008’s The Bourne Conspiracy and 2010’s Transformers: War for Cybertron were surprisingly well received, and they followed up the success they had with their first Transformers effort by delivering the equally impressive Fall of Cybertron last summer. This summer, High Moon have returned to the realm of famous franchises that h...

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