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It slices, it dices, it makes average game tie ins.

The Rad

  • Does a pretty good job at capturing Deadpools brand of humor.
  • Serviceable melee combat.

The Bad

  • Gunplay not so fun.
  • Game looks a bit like ass.
  • Significant frame rate issues on the 360.

I didn’t come into this thing expecting a game of the year candidate and we certainly aren’t getting one from it. I expected a lot of dumb-ass humor and serviceable gameplay and for the most part you get that.

Except when you don’t.

The humor is definitely the games strongpoint in my book but more than a lot of things humor is entirely subjective. There are things in this game that I just know are going to offend some more sensitive types, things they’ll consider blatantly offensive and not at all funny. I would beg to differ, but if you’re easily offended then mayhaps just give Deadpool a pass.

I’ve read a decent amount of Deadpool comics, I’m more familiar with him than most other Marvel characters and I’d say the game does a pretty decent job at portraying him in spite of dialing up the blue humor.

As far as gameplay goes this is pretty much your typical third person action game. You have a variety of different melee and ranged weapons at your disposal. The former of which are quite fun to use as it plays something like a simplified splice of Devil May Cry with the counter mechanics of an Arkham City.

Sad to say the guns aren’t anywhere near as fun to wield, largely on account of doing bugger all as far as damage goes. If you get up close a shotgun is fine, but otherwise it’s like taking a slingshot to a tank fight.

It’s especially bad when dealing with flying enemies, which are regrettably plentiful and other gun wielding bad guys. Because THEIR guns seem to do WAY more damage than yours.

Seriously. You get caught in some cross fire and they’ll chew up your health in seconds flat. I kind of feel like this game was meant to have a cover mechanic with the way bullets will just wreck your shit. You feel like you should have to hide behind something and regenerate your health. And you can certainly run and hide, but you’ll be purely on the defensive. You can’t just duck behind cover and take pot shots while you wait for Deadpool’s healing factor to kick in.

Deadpool is a character who is portrayed as being pretty much literally indestructible so it’s kind of depressing to get ruined so easily when guns enter the equation. I feel like this should have been a Marvel branded Neverdead. I know folk didn’t exactly dig that game, but I thought the way they handled non-death was pretty interesting and would’ve fit well here, but I digress.

At the end of the day I feel like Deadpool is better than your average comic book character tie-in game. It captures the character well and I personally found it to be pretty damned funny. It’s just a shame you gotta play the game to get to the funny stuff.

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