An exceptionally petty complaint (Spoilers)

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A beautiful game
A beautiful game

First off what an absolutely beautiful game. One of the most realistically rendered worlds I've seen yet. I live on an island at the other end of Britain to where this is set and I have to say that the coastline in parts could have been lifted straight from my home.

So, we know that this is set Britain, a Hebridean island to be precise. We hear about a road accident on the M5, we're told it is somewhere outside Wolverhampton. Later we are taken to a flashback of the accident. The signs lining the road are English road signs, the narrater constantly tells us the geographic location.

The game could not be more clear that we are in England during this flashback.

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So why.....

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... are all the bloody cars left hand drive!?

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I never noticed that before. I knew it was in England obviously. But I never looked at the steering wheel. Huh.

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This isn't the only one:

An American game, apparently.
An American game, apparently.

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dun dun duuuuuun!

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My little pedantic heart filled with joy when I realised that all the drivers in Sleeping Dogs got in on the right-hand side, and that traffic drove on the left.

I know it's such a petty thing, and for games in fictional settings I couldn't give a toss. But I do love it when developers show the attention to detail like steering wheels or driving on the correct side in games set in real world locations as it is those everyday things that help ground me into the games reality.

I guess it's my version of expecting to see a reflection in a mirror, or a shadow when walking in front of a projector.

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@nezza: To be honest, at this point and timing of gaming... I think actual working mirrors is mandatory now. Or... it should be...

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Postman's car.

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Maybe because they didn't custom make that car for the game? Stock car

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In the new Wolfenstein gameplay videos they talk about how London is now occupied and during this ride with a cabby he's sitting on the left hand side. I thought it was odd also.

Maybe English people will finally start driving on the right side of the street in the future?

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