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Each of the robot characters available to you have the same two abilities available to you. 


The dash is used to stun enemies. By holding down the dash button you extend the length of the dash and allows the player to stun more enemies as a result. Stunned enemies are easier to kill, do not move and stop firing any shots. Thus making it a great opportunity to increase your multiplier if a large number are stunned at once. Dashing can also be used as a means to fake out the enemies by making them attack the point where you originally started the dash. 


The shield is used to catch enemy bullets and throw them back at them. The shield can only be maintained for a few seconds before collapsing in on itself, so the bullets must be shot back before then. The shield also does damage to any enemies that enter its perimeter and continues to do damage for as long as they are. However, at the same time the enemies can still enter the shield and damage you if they make contact with you.

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