Death Jr. and the Science Fair of Doom

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released May 22, 2007

    The DS exclusive sequel to the Death Jr. series. Developed by Backbone Entertainment and published by Konami.

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    Death Jr. and the Science Fair of Doom is an action adventure/platformer, and serves as a sequel to Death Jr. II: The Root of Evil. It makes use of both of the DS's screens, as well as the touch functionality for maneuvering and solving puzzles. Death Jr. (DJ for short) and Pandora are both playable characters this time around, Pandora being mainly used to solve puzzles, and DJ mainly taking on the action role. It features local wireless multiplayer. 


    Death Jr.

    DJ is just your average kid. Well, aside from being dead, the son of the grim reaper, battles monsters with otherworldly weaponry, and can make a robe look cool. 
    Most days he'd rather just kick back on the couch, and watch an old zombie flick with his buds, but sometimes he gets to feeling a bit mischievious. His friends are generally drug along for the ride when he gets any bright ideas. DJ uses his scythe to destroy enemies and performs special moves, along with a host of different firearms. 


    She's cute, smart, and doesnt take anything from anyone. She does have a weakness however.... if theres a closed door, or a locked locker, she'll be obsessed with finding out he contents behind/within. She doesn't purposefully look for trouble, however, being friends with DJ, she knows its bound to find her. 

    Pandor is killed early on in this game, and only appears as a ghost. Players can switch to her on the fly by tapping a symbol on the touch screen. That game switches from the material world, to a spirit realm where pandora can solve puzzles and unlock doors to allow DJ to further progress. However, time in the spirit world is limited, so be quick! 


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