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    Death Jr.

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Aug 16, 2005

    Death Jr. was the very first game ever shown for the PlayStation Portable and was hyped as the killer-app. It was met with mediocre reviews.

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    Death Jr. was the first PSP game shown to the public, way back in 2005. The game was marketed as being something of a 'must have', and was meant to be an incredible handheld experience that showed off the power of the Playstation Portable. The idea behind the game was that you played as DJ (Death Junior), the  son of the Grim Reaper, and were at a school where you met different quirky characters.
     Concept art of Death JR himself
     Concept art of Death JR himself

    Despite the attempted marketing and advertising for Death Jr. the game received mediocre reviews, and was binned due to poor graphics and camera angles. Many of the issues with the game were intended to be ironed out with the release for the Nintendo Wii


    The game is played through the eyes of Death Junior, the son of the Grim Reaper. Death Jr. is a mischievous teenager, and has been expelled from many different schools for his actions and behavior. The Grim Reaper threatens his son that if he is to be expelled from one more school, he will be sent to a military school. However, the game takes place on a field trip to a museum, and Death meets a character called Pandora. She has an obsession with opening locked boxes (players eventually find out she has OCD), and finds a locked box she wants to open. In an attempt to impress her, DJ opens the box - and brings chaos. The idea is to end the anarchy, all without the Grim Reaper finding out.


    According to 40 critic reviews, Death JR has an aggregated score of 61/100. The highest praise given is that of Play Magazine, who scored the game 90/100 and were quoted to have said:

    DJ exemplifies the maturation of handheld gaming - full-fledged console quality in a smaller, more approachable package.

    Meanwhile, the lowest review given is from GameCritics, who scored Death JR a mere 30/100. The snippet from their review reads:

    A whole lot of hot air and buzz with nothing to back it up. 

     Other major review sites gave scores, which are listed in the table below:
    Rating (/100)
     GamersHell 76/100
     GameSpot 65/100
     1UP 60/100
     WorthPlaying 56/100

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