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Death Note is a popular Shonen Jump manga that has been adapted into a variety of media, including anime, live action film, and video games.  The plot focuses on Light Yagami, a brilliant high school student that has fallen into a general malaise until he discovers the Death Note; a special notebook used by shinigami to collect the souls of the dead.  Light learns that by writing a person's name in the Death Note while visualizing the person's face in his mind, he can kill anyone instantly.  He can even control the manner of the person's demise by writing the method out next to the person's name.
Light begins using his power to anonymously kill off criminals around the world.  When the mysterious epidemic is investigated without success, the authorities eventually bring in L, a reclusive, eccentric young man with a mind just as brilliant as Light's and a strong desire to keep his true name a secret, to head the investigation task force.  The story then becomes an elaborate battle of wits between Light (known only as "Kira" to the public at large) and L, as Light continues his crusade with L intent on stopping him.

Cameo Appearances

Jump Super Stars
Jump Super Stars
While the Death Note franchise has produced only three games to date, the characters and universe have cameo appearances in two other games.  Jump Super Stars and Jump Ultimate Stars for the Nintendo DS. These two games are based around the several licenses that Shonen Jump run in their weekly comic book in Japan and the US. While these games have only been released in Japan, they are highly regarded in the comic book/manga fanbase.

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