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    Death Stranding

    Game » consists of 12 releases. Released Nov 08, 2019

    The first game from game director Hideo Kojima after his departure from Konami, Death Stranding is a third-person action-adventure game where the goal is to dredge through a ravaged wasteland to reconnect isolated cities and prevent a mass extinction.

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    Give 'Em Enough Rope 0

    Despite having killed off many a beloved series, I do have some shred of sympathy for Konami. As having finished Death Stranding I too would be wary of funding/enabling such a man so seemingly convinced of his own genius. His credit sequences seem more like odes to his own glory these days, with his entourage of celebrity pals to help cement his rock star status within the industry. Yet it’s not without some merit; he may produce pretentious nonsense, but Metal Gear Solid was compelling no...

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    Amazon Prime Simulator (2019) 0

    Death Stranding is Kojima's life explained through an overly complicated walking sim/ delivery/ strand game. The long walking routes and horrible combat (seriously the combat is bad if you wanted MGS style combat look elsewhere) make a lot of this game very boring. That being said the sense of discovery is just as good, maybe even better than Breath of the Wild; coming over a cliff to find a valley leading to your delivery site while the music swells is one of the best video game moments in all ...

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    Could be great, but is mediocre instead 0

    This game is beautiful, and delivering packages can be very fun and rewarding. I particularly enjoyed building out transportation infrastructure and slowly hoofing it across the map to my objective.Then... it starts raining and I had to deal with the weird ghost monsters. At this point, the game immediately slams its brakes and becomes a very poor stealth action game. The combat is very poor. Which is fine, except they constantly make you do it. And that is awful.I made it halfway (about 20-25 h...

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    Quiet Mountains 0

    (Played on PC through Steam with controller in Japanese, both text and voice-over)Playing through Death Stranding is not unlike climbing a mountain. It’s a uphill battle at first, with even basic movement being an adversary to player moving more cargo. Then near the mountaintop, with fatigue turned into euphoria, figuratively fresher air and literally better views, the game started to feel magical. Finally, on the downhill trip, the game became all about its not great story and even worse ...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

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