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Death's Scythe, The Harvester
Death's Scythe, The Harvester

Though absent himself in the game, Death's trademark scythe, the Harvester, is wield-able by War through the form of a pre-order bonus or a cheat code. Otherwise, War wields a different scythe once it has been purchased from Vulgrim, the demon merchant.

Death himself makes a cameo appearance in the very last scene, in the form of a comet hurtling towards Earth.

Darksiders II

Death is the protagonist of Darksiders II. His journey takes him through the Abyss in an attempt to bring back Humanity, following its extinction during Armageddon. In this game, rather than using the Harvester, Death relies on a special kind of shorter, paired scythes, which can be used separately or combine into a single large scythe for more powerful attacks during combos. Though one would think this type of weapon would be rather unique, in the worlds that Death finds himself, the weapon(s) are surprisingly common, in the manner of swords in most RPGs. Additionally, Death also relies on a wide variety of secondary weapons, ranging from bladed gauntlets which are even faster than his dual scythes to enormous hammers and axes which can fell his enemies in a single blow.

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