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#1 Posted by muttjones (113 posts) -

I'm looking for a new sword having just arrived at the town of Pluckmuckel and I need to give a taco to Eubrick that is extra spicy to acquire the sword. How do I make it extra spicy as the Taco Wench will not do it?
Any help would be appreciated. 

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#2 Posted by Joshakazam (1236 posts) -

Have you used a fortune cookie?

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#3 Posted by ectoplasma (1230 posts) -

It's one of the items in your inventory. Just read the descriptions :).

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#4 Posted by Azteris (827 posts) -

Pixie Herbs I believe.
Sorry but I didn't see him ask for you to hint at it.

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#5 Posted by ectoplasma (1230 posts) -

This was more an effect of my educational approach ;).

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#6 Posted by Snotty (51 posts) -

The fortune cookies are a great feature. Like the item location maps in arkham asylum, they allow you to stay away from all the spoilers on the internet when you get stuck.  I had a stack of fortune cookies left at the end and used them all on the talking tree missions ;)

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#7 Posted by Butchio (354 posts) -

mix the taco with a pixie herb and ur done

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#8 Posted by pintsizeslasher (3 posts) -
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#9 Posted by ArmyofJuan (31 posts) -

instead of posting a new "help with DeathSpank" topic, i figured i'd just post here. Anywho, im having trouble with the demon nanny. I dont know if im just not a high lvl or if im doing something wrong but she keeps kicking my ass. Im blocking a lot and doing the special attack but her life bar seems to go no where. Any hints/help?

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#10 Posted by Mysterysheep (426 posts) -
@ArmyofJuan: Do you have any special powers? Like the shield? Otherwise, you might need to do a few more side quests to level up.
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#11 Posted by Jason_E_Sigler (147 posts) -
@Mysterysheep:  Was having the exact same problem, didn't know how I was going to get past this one. Try leaving the fire weapons at home (including at assistance from Heaven, no good here) and learn how to effectively block. Time those out perfectly with his fireballs and then launch Justice attack after Justice attack. Eventually, she'll go down.
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#12 Posted by Naughton (211 posts) -
@ArmyofJuan:  I'm not sure what level I was at, but I died quite a few times there too. I eventually beat her by using an armor potion, along with a crit potion. It's a little tricky since the crit potions only last a few seconds, but if you time it right she drops rather quickly. Good Luck!

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