Wrong aspect ratio?

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#1 Posted by TomTheRealist (189 posts) -

So I'm playing the DeathSpank demo. I've changed the screen size in the options to fit perfectly my 1280x1024 monitor, but it still seems wrong. It seems the game's in 4:3 and is being stretched.  
Anyone else noticing this? Or have I gone maaaaAaD?

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#2 Posted by BionicMonster (1046 posts) -

dont think the devs expacted it to be played on a crazy sized PC monitor
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#3 Posted by infininja (871 posts) -

1280x1024 is a fairly common resolution. I played it and didn't notice anything looking terribly stretched (and I usually do), but I'd have to look again.
I'm fairly sure the screen size options should actually be labeled "HUD border." I don't think it has anything to do with rendering the game world.

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#4 Posted by Kato (189 posts) -

What console? The Xbox only has 4:3 and 16:9 options (at least with HDMI, I think other options may be available with VGA), not sure about PS3. 

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#5 Posted by TomTheRealist (189 posts) -

What console? 360. 
And yeah, it's not a crazy resolution at all. The 360 supports it, end of. 
It simply seems to be that it's 4:3 being stretched to 16:9. 
Just to be clear, I have NO problems with other games - my monitor is fully supported, and yeah my xbox is configured correctly. 

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#6 Posted by infininja (871 posts) -

I've certainly seen games display a 16:9 signal on my 5:4 (that is, after all, the ratio of 1280x1024) monitor - curse you Oblivion.
This didn't seem to be one of them.
But I forgot to go back and look.

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#7 Posted by TomTheRealist (189 posts) -

Hummenah, hummenah, hummenah. 
 I'd've played Oblivion in all sorts of messed up squished aspect ratios.  
Ah well - after reading several reviews, I think I'll give it a miss. There are so many seemingly good, well received arcade games this summer; I simply can't afford to get a mediocre one aswell. 
 I'm wondering whether trial games get the same updates as their full version counter-parts? And whether this problem has been resolved by now. Who knows. 
Thanks anyway guys!

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