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    Decoy Octopus

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    A member of FOXHOUND during the Shadow Moses Incident. His specialty was meticulously disguising himself to almost completely resemble his targets.

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    Early Life

    Very little is known about Decoy Octopus. At some point in his life, he had his nose, ears, and cheekbones shaved down to make disguising himself easier, as well as having his hairline shaved back to ease mimicking different hairstyles. While mimicking someone, Decoy Octopus swapped his blood for that of the subject he was mimicking. He would even go beyond merely parroting his target's mannerisms, personality and appearance, but he would become that very person.

    Metal Gear Solid

    Decoy Octopus was one of the FOXHOUND operatives who took part in the revolt under Liquid Snake's leadership. When Solid Snake infiltrated Shadow Moses Island, he met the DARPA Chief Donald Anderson. This was in reality Decoy Octopus who lied to Snake about having his detonation code found out by Psycho Mantis and also informed him about the PAL override system. He then died of a heart attack, which is eventually revealed to be a FOXDIE virus attack. It is later explained that Donald Anderson was a target of the FOXDIE virus implanted in Snake, and as Decoy Octopus swapped his blood with Donald Anderson he was susceptible to the virus.



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