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    Dee Jay

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    Jamaican kickboxer, known to whip out the maracas and dance after a victory. He is also recognized for his strong smile and powerful kicks.

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    Dee Jay is a professional kickboxer champion from the tropical island of Jamaica. As clearly stated in his name, he is a disc jockey. This part time job helps him out financially and socially. Dee Jay enters the second world tournament to find the rhythm of the fight for his music. After defeating M.Bison he finally gets the rhythm he was after, not much later he signs with Jamaican Music Promotions and becomes world famous as his music takes the world by storm. His fans love to be around him at clubs and women throw themselves at him as they dance to his fresh beats.

    Their is an "M" shaved on the side of his head to represent "MAXIMUM" that is also present along the sides his boxing pants. When fighting, the word "MAXIMUM," is symmetrical on either side that Dee Jay is facing. He first appeared in Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers, which was released in 1993 in arcades. He has most recently been added to the roster for Super Street Fighter IV by popular demand which was released on April 27 2010.

    Special Moves

    Air Slasher / Max Out / Fireball: (charge) Back, Forward Punch.

    It's Show Time!
    It's Show Time!

    A projectile move similar to Guile's Sonic Boom. The EX version launches 2 projectiles, one after the other.

    Jackknife Maximum / Up Kicks: (charge) Down, Up Kick.

    This is Dee Jay's anti-air but can be comboed from normal attacks. He spins upwards kicking the opponent several times depending what kick button is pressed. In SSFIIT and HDR this move is great to combo into his Super if timed correctly.

    Double Rolling Sobat / Dread Kicks: (charge) Back, Forward Kick.

    DeeJay lunges forward kicking the opponent up to 2 times. The EX version of this move goes quite a distance and at good speed while also making the bottom half of the character invunerable to hits. In early, pre-release versions of SSFIV, the EX version crumpled the opponent if it hit, simalar to a focus attack. This was taken out before the game was shipped as it was deemed over powered.

    Machine Gun Upper: (charge) Down, Up Punch (Press punch rapidly for extra hits and damage)

    A harsh uppercut to the face of the enemy. If the punch button is pressed rapidly Dee Jay hits many times and does a lot of damage. The MGU is classed as an "Armor Breaking" move which means it will smash a focus attack. In SSFIV if the EX version is used against an opponent in the corner then you can follow up with a full Ultra 2 for big damage. If you are skilled enough this can also be done anywhere on the screen with the use of the advanced technique: the dash Ultra.

    SUPER Combo

    Sobat Carnival: (charge) Back, Forward, Back, Forward Kick.

    The same as the Dread Kick only it does more damage and kicks 4 times. It has the ability to go through some projectiles and in SSFIIT and HDR it can be comboed after a Jackknife Maximum.

    ULTRA Combos

    Sobat Festival!
    Sobat Festival!

    Ultra 1 - Sobat Festival: (charge) Back, Forward, Back, Forward Kick x3.

    A more powerful version of his Super. DeeJay twists and spins with stylish kicks towards the opponent and ends with a powerful Max Out flourish. This move has the ability to go through Fireballs. Can be comboed after an EX Machine Gun Upper as long as your opponent is in the corner but then it will only hit 2 or 3 times and miss out on most of the damage.

    Ultra 2 - Climax Beat: (charge) Down-Back, Down-Forward, Down-Back, Up-Forward Punch x3.

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    DeeJay whips out his trademark maracas and bombards the enemy with a flamboyant Machine Gun Upper, then continues with a double MGU and ends with a whack to the stomach. A well damaging Ultra with the added bonus of being able to be easily comboed into after an EX MGU in the corner. It's the Ultra of choice against most non-fireball using characters.

    Fighting Style

    With his special moves having the ability to work from any situation and some outright nasty combos, Deejay is an extremely flexible character, with enough tools to play a zoning or wake up game. One of his problems, however, is the fact that he doesn't have any viable ways to combo into Ultra without the opponent being into a corner, and he doesn't take away a fantastic amount of damage. But, hey, he has maracas.

    Dee Jay's Win Quotes

    • " Hey! We're just gettin' started! Stand up and let's go! "
    • " Fantastic! Show me that move again! "
    • " Are you OK? Was my dance too much for you? "
    • " You're not hurt, are you? C'mon! Let's do it again! "
    • " No regrets! Don't look back! "
    • " Bravo! Feelin' good! "
    • " Try not to get knocked out so quick next time, OK? "
    • " Not bad! "
    • " You've gotta try and feel your inner rhythm more. Like this! Get it? "
    • " Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, it's Dee Jay time! "
    • " OK! "

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