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Deep Dungeon is a series of traditional first-person 3D RPGs where the goal is invariably to descend and explore a maze-like series of dungeon floors, all the while balancing the development of the party's skills and its equipment with the increasingly difficult enemy encounters. HummingBirdSoft kept as close to the Wizardry/Ultima formula as possible, creating a series that would be almost indistinguishable from its influences but for its Japanese flair.

The series originally began with Madou Senki ("Heretic War Record") on the MSX home computer platform, quickly moving to the Famicom Disk System once that peripheral made PC-like save games and disk storage a possibility on the Nintendo console. The second game, Yuushi no Monshou ("Crest of the Hero"), also followed the same route and appeared on both platforms. Both games were published by Square through their DOG label, months before Square themselves would turn the Japanese RPG market on its head with Final Fantasy.

The third game (Yuushi he no Tabi, "Journey to the Hero") was published by Square directly after the dissolution of DOG and was released on the original NES, once advanced cart technology had rendered the FDS obsolete. It would not come out on any other platform, and neither would the fourth and final game in the series Kuro no Youjutsushi ("The Black Sorcerer") which was published by Asmik instead.

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