Deer Hunter 3: The Legend Continues

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Oct 01, 1999

    Deer Hunter 3 was part of a series of annually released hunting simulators.

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    Deer Hunter 3 is a hunting simulator that was released in late 1999. The player must account for things like wind and the rate at which the bullet or arrow drops. The player can go to a test firing range to adjust the scope of their firearm or bow so that it lines up properly at the distance in which the player feels comfortable with.

    The game originally included three playable areas in Utah and three more in Missouri. The player could choose which date to go hunting and the weather would reflect the season. Days in which deer hunting is not in season are not selectable. Some days are only for bow hunting. The deer migrate depending on the season so a herd found in the summer might be easily located further south in winter. Each area has cottages, farms and hunting lodges scattered throughout where the player can find trucks, ATVs, snowmobiles and boats that can be used to get around the area quickly.

    The player has a limited amount of inventory space that they can fill with hunting equipment before the start of their trip. Items include decoys, blinds, hunting licenses, binoculars and other hunting accessories. If the player does not bring a hunting license then they can poach animals. Players that bring the journal can write messages in it that other players in their game can read. The game has six player online support through gamespy.

    Deer Hunter 3 Gold

    On February 29, 2000 an updated version of Deer Hunter 3 was released as Deer Hunter 3 Gold. It included three new playable areas in the state of Wisconsin. It also added a new riffle, a map editor and a mode where you play as the deer. It also included a “Huntin’ Country Music” soundtrack CD.


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