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The Rapstars Are Takin' Over... 1

 Note - The videos are from my Ustream channel of me rapping... so I'll leave it at that.     The hip-hop genre has been left out of the dust in the modernized boom of rhythm gaming that is dominated by the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises. Instruments are fun and all plus there are exceptions of including some rap songs in these games and other karaoke games like Singstar. However, there has never been a true karaoke game that defines rap music. In other words, there has never been a game t...

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May or may not be how Ruff Ryders roll 0

Fuck you Activision. Fuck you for pumping out so many soulless Guitar Hero games and Band Hero games that you ruined the rest of the music genre. Because of your inability to pace the release of your wares, we now find ourselves with a disenfranchised public that lost their passion for matching coloured notes on a preset highway. It’s a shame, because it’s not like other developers have stopped thinking about cool ways to make people sing and dance like the dweebs we are. Take Def Jam Raps...

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FINALLY, a music game for hiphop-heads 0

No matter what your taste in music, most of the music rhythm games these days have your needs attended to - except if you're into hip-hop and rap. Some might argue that titles like Singstar has the odd rap song here and there, but these are generally just your generic karaoke classics, but if you've got a real love of hiphop, you're pretty much forgotten about ... Until now. Def Jam have taken a step away from their fighting games to fill the gap with their hiphop music game, with the self-expla...

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