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I'm really interested to see how exactly the PS3 version will work.  The original PC edition was fairly mouse heavy and transitioning mouse heavy pc games to console never really work.  
Still looking forward to trying it out mind you. 

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WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!?!? this is one of my favourite pc games - i would literally jizz myself if a ps3 version is in the works/! got a linkeh?!

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When Introversion Software Limited were talking about Darwinia+ on the Gamespot UK podcast.  Chris Delay (I think) let slip that they had a console version in the works, However they didn't want to work within the constrictive XBLA environment.   
Make of that what you want. 

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Should have put it on DS and/or WiiWare ages ago really, perfect match for the controls, and it was what, 45MB on PC, they could reduce it a bit to fit the limit. I can't see how controls will convert to a standard gamepad, but I suppose it's one of the simple games that would work fine with both Natal & Move.

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