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Anne Marie Morgan is a member of the Brotherhood Outcasts in the Capital Wasteland. Being a member of the Outcasts means that she left the Brotherhood of Steel, stealing equipment when she did, because she did not agree with Elder Lyons's stance that helping Wastelanders sometimes comes before the cause of finding old world technology.


She patrols the perimeter of Fort Independence, the headquarters of the Outcasts, and attacks any hostile NPCs that she sees. This can lead to issues because she can die in fights with enemies while patrolling Fort Independence. This problem is solved if she respawns, which she sometimes does. This can also be done by using console commands to respawn her in the world.

Interactions With the Lone Wanderer

When she first meets the Lone Wanderer she will be rude in her dialog to the player. If the Lone Wanderer responds by saying "shut up and get that fucking gun out of my face" the entire Brotherhood Outcast faction will turn hostile and every nearby Outcast will attack.

She will tell you that Protector Casdin has a job for you involving salvaging Wasteland technology.This will give you the unmarked quest The Outcast Collection Agent.

Inventory and Stats

She wears a set of Outcast Power Armor and has an Outcast Power Helmet. She has a laser rifle. She has a Strength of 5, Perception of 7, Endurance of 6, Charisma of 4, Intelligence of 3, Agility of 6, and a Luck of 4. While it isn't shown in her speech it should be noted that an Intelligence of 3 or less is considered retarded in the Fallout universe. Her Karma is Good and because of this she will not drop a finger if she dies and the player has the Lawbringer Perk. This is unlike her other colleagues in the Outcasts whom the game labels as Evil.


Her Base ID is 00043deb
Her Reference ID is 00043dee  
Defender Morgan is voiced by Shari Elliker

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