Defender's Quest : Picked this up on the Steam Halloween sale.

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I had not heard of this game before yesterday. Apparently it had a similar release and business model as Minecraft. As in buy it in alpha for cheap and get free updates. Regardless! It came out on Steam yesterday and I happened upon in it while looking through the list of games for sale. It's basically a Tower Defense game with RPG mechanics and is pretty interesting so far. There are some design elements that I could see being kind of poor mixtures and end up making the game very grindy, but I haven't played far enough in to encounter what I fear may happen. I decided to make a video sharing my first impressions in my usual faux quicklook styling:

Has anyone else checked this out yet? What are your opinions?

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I bought it during the sale, also. I haven't had time to play it yet, but it is next on my list. It looks really great and it seems to be well liked amongst the people who have played it. Hopefully, I'll have some time this weekend.

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I played through it many months ago and have already put in another 9 hours or so on Steam. I think it's really good.

You will probably need to replay previous levels to get to the end, but I never found myself having to grind them out. When you go back you can choose higher difficulties which will unlock rewards like unique items. Also, by the time you go back your roster and skills will be different than your previous attempt so you can use new strategies for that same map.

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Game's epic. Writing is really what sold it for me. Berserker guy is like Deadpool. Awesome sauce.

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