Game is $33.60 on GMG this weekend w/ code

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"For this weekend you can get 30% off Defiance and the Defiance Season Pass by using the voucher code GMG30-LLAKQ-WPPQZ. Voucher runs out at 1700UTC 15/04/2013. "

Dunno if this is due in part to the rocky launch or whatever, it was only 25% off during the pre-order and 20% off once it went live, so 30% off seems like a pretty good deal.

Still on the fence as to whether or not I'm actually going to bite on this tho.

Update: Game is now even cheaper, $33.60 w/ code GMG20-GGN5D-FC3NA

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I just saw it myself, but I still feel like 42 bucks for that game is a bit steep for my tastes. I wouldn't mind getting it and fooling around with it... eventually. But, I'll probably wait until it's on sale for 15 bucks (like the secret world)

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$33.60 now w/ code GMG20-GGN5D-FC3NA.

Pretty crazy price slashing early on, wonder if it's due to low sales due to poor word of mouth regarding the launch. Either way, I've got $8 credit on there, so for $25.60, I'm in.

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