PlanetSide with single-player elements?

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At least that's the impression i get from what little i've read about this game. It sounds like it's an MMO that brags about being closely tied into the up comming Syfy series.

Anyone have any more detailed info on this?

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It's an MMO? That's news to me. I'm pretty sure I played the same game last year at PAX, and from what I saw and played, it's a standard team deathmatch sort of game, with weapon and class customizations. Then I checked out the website, and it's clearly not the game I played at PAX. Maybe that was just some other mode they were showcasing? I'm not sure.

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It's an MMO in structure, third person shooter in combat mechanics. You get quests, travel around an open world completing them and getting loot, sell loot back in town, see other players questing too, etc.

There is a "battlegrounds" type PvP mode, which is basically just like a match of any standard online shooter. There is also a team based match type you can do in the open world.

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