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    Kratos' younger brother, He was mistaken as the "marked warrior" which the oracle foretold that would be the end of Olympus. Hence was taken by Ares and locked away with Thanatos care.

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    God of War 
    The Birth of a Beast 
    In the first God of War game, players unlocked a secret video talking about the childhood of Kratos. In the video it mentions that the children of Sparta, from birth were raised to be warriors and the weaker children were sent to the mountains to fend for themselves and they were not expected to live. Kratos allowed this fate but his brother was not too lucky, he died in the mountains and grew up in the underworld. In the video they saw a shadowy figure with wings and glowing eyes talking about how he will get his revenge on his brother.
    God of War: Ghost of Sparta 
    This game is based around Kratos and his brother, Deimos. Whose name is not mentioned until now, An oracle foretold that a marked warrior would seek revenge against Gods and it would be their downfall. Thus Zeus sent Ares and Athena to search for the warrior and imprison him. Because Deimos had birthmarks on him and Kratos had not yet put the tattos on, they thought it was Deimos who was the "marked warrior." Watched over by Thanatos, Deimos was tortured and when Kratos came to save him he blamed him for not coming early to save him. But like in the Birth of the Beast, Deimos did not have the wings like was shown. In the end Deimos fell at the hands of Thanatos and was buried at Suicide Cliff by the Gravedigger alongside his mother with a third grave that was empty, most likely for Kratos.

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