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    Deity is a freeware stealth action game featuring an isometric perspective.It was developed by a team of students at DigiPen Institute of Technology.

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    Deity is a free isometric stealth action game developed by a student team at Digipen inspired by games such as Diablo and Batman: Arkham Asylum, but played only using the mouse. The player controls a demon capable of 'rifting' and consuming enemies, though as a short game it contains little in the way of storyline.

    The game includes four levels: Invasion, Fortress, Silent Library and Sanctum.


    As a demon, the player is hurt by bright lights (such as fires and flaming torches) and must stay in shadow. Movement consists of rifts - essentially short teleports - which can cross small gaps, but not barriers. The player can rift into enemies, instantly devouring them, and torches, which permanently dims them. Rifting from a torches also allow longer rifts and traveling over smaller barriers.

    Rifts can also be chained, combining multiple rifts automatically - for instance, devouring two enemies and then back into a torch in a matter of seconds. The player has a limited number of chainable rifts (initially 3, raising to ten by the final level) which are replenished automatically over time.

    Despite the many abilities, enemies can still be a threat. They can hear and see nearby rifts and kills and will attack the player if they see it rift into a torch. The goal in the first three levels is only to reach the exit, and killing the enemies is often unnecessary. A further boss enemy (resembling an angel) has stronger attacks, and the final level culminates in the player weakening and then devouring it.


    Deity was built from the ground up in C++ without the use of a commercial or open-source engine.



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