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    A loyal friend of Ramza Beoulve and a squire from a poorer background, Delita is caught in a war between royalty, and he's not about to stand back and conform to society.

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    Delita was a common-born son of horse breeders who through the influence of the general and nobleman Balbanes Beoulve, was adopted into the Beoulve family and educated at a military academy for nobles. Delita's sister Tietra, who he is very protective of was adopted alongside him, and Delita became the best friend of Balbanes youngest son Ramza.

    However, his life was turned upside-down shortly after he and Ramza graduated. As part of the force tasked with putting down the rebellion of the Corpse Brigade, disgruntled anarchist soldiers who were common-born like Delita and had been ill-used by the nobility caused Ramza and Delita to question the nature of their society.

    These doubts were brought to a head however, when Tietra was abducted by the Corpse Brigade and used as a shield, only to be deliberately executed by soldiers under the command of Ramza's older siblings--Dycedarg and Zalbaag. Delita and Ramza parted ways, and Ramza believed Delita dead.

    Delita however, had become a double agent for the Glabados Church. Delita had come to believe that society was made up of two groups: those who had power and made false promises to those that they used while reaping the benefits; and those who were used. Delita swore that he would never be used again, and sought to work for the Church as their agent in Goltana's midest while looking for opportunities to secure himself a position of major power.

    He develops a somewhat complex relationship with Princess Ovelia, as it never seems particularly clear, even to Delita himself, to what extent he genuinely cares about Ovelia and to what extent he is simply using her.


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