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    Deliver Us the Moon

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Oct 10, 2019

    Deliver Us the Moon is a survival/exploration game where a rogue astronaut is sent to the moon on a secret mission to save humanity.

    riostarwind's Deliver Us the Moon (PC) review

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    A slow yet well told story with some neat moments along the way is what you'll find in this game

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    Getting to the Moon has never been an easy task. Especially so in this atmospheric adventure game that focuses on one astronaut's journey to the moon far in the future. In this possible future for the Earth has been ravaged by a never ending sand storm and only a base that shoots back a beam of energy from the Moon can tame the mighty storms. Unfortunately it no longer works which leads to a search party of one going out to solve this devastating issue.

    Most of the more hard hitting story scenes are told via holograms like this.
    Most of the more hard hitting story scenes are told via holograms like this.

    The game itself is mostly about exploring different areas to puzzle together what happened on the moon base to cause everyone to vanish. Getting from one point to the next is never that easy leading to a few different types of moments. Depending on the situation you’ll either be seeing things from a first or third person perspective. Each area is always laid in a very linear way. Sure a few side rooms may be open but the way to progress is always obvious. I never got lost or was confused by what needed to be done to succeed. If challenge is what you're looking for this adventure game does not offer that at all.

    But that doesn’t mean it does not’ require some thought or skill in how the player deals with each problem. Running out of air or time is an issue that shows up often in a general cinematic like moment. I did fail a few of these but that was just thanks to me going a bit to slow since they always give a good amount of extra time. Although it felt kind of backloaded the back half of the game has quite a few platforming moments. While it certainly feels floating it fits in with the theme of the game well enough. Additionally the random quick time event moments that pop up feel a little out of place in this type of game. Might lead to a few deaths since I wasn't quite expecting them sometimes.

    Driving a moon buggy around mixes things up a bit and like a lot of stuff it doesn't overstay it's welcome.
    Driving a moon buggy around mixes things up a bit and like a lot of stuff it doesn't overstay it's welcome.

    Whenever everything isn’t blowing up in our protagonists face they are likely dealing with some sort of power puzzle. It starts out simple enough by just diverging power from one canister to another. Yet as the game goes on it gives a few upgrades like a laser to cut through certain locks. This will lead to new puzzle solutions with each new thing added on. Like I mentioned before it’s always obvious and I honestly think a lot of the focus was just on setting up the slow story drip. Plenty of audio logs or other objects that can be gathered through the entire game. They do a solid job of telling the tragic story of what really happened on the Moon.

    Overall this was an enjoyable game. Far as I can tell the goal of the game was to create a compelling story with some simple puzzles/platformer moments along the way to change up things a bit. It succeeds in doing that. Once you do finish it though it doesn’t give very many reasons to come back for more other than any collectables missed along the way. But I can say that about almost every adventure game. If you're in the mood for an adventure game with some light puzzle elements this one is worth playing.

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