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Delphox is a dual-type Fire/Psychic-type Pokémon that evolves from the Pokémon Starter evolutionary lineage of Fennekin and Braixen. Delphox is first introduced as one of the Kalos Region three Pokémon Starters within Pokemon X & Y Versions.


National Pokédex No: #655

Central Kalos Pokédex No: #006

Species: Fox Pokémon

Type: Fire/Psychic

Ability: Blaze

Hidden Ability: Magician

Height: 4'11''

Weight: 86lbs

Egg Group: Field

Dex Entries: It gazes into the flame at the tip of its branch to achieve a focused state, which allows it to see into the future.(X, Omega Ruby)

Using psychic power, it generates a fiery vortex of 5,400 degree Fahrenheit, incinerating foes swept into this whirl of flame.(Y, Alpha Sapphire)




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