Plain ol' wooden catalyst location?

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i'm about 10 hours in and my character didn't start the game with a catalyst... but now that magic is available to me, i'd like to use spells, but i can't find just your basic wooden catalyst to start out with, and i'd really rather not start completely over to change my class to get one.... the guy that sells spells in the Nexus doesn't sell catalysts. is there a merchant somewhere i can pick one up from or do i have to wait for a lucky drop from a dead mage?? any help would be great... i spent about 150 hours loving Dark Souls, and used the hell outta some pyromancy, and i just wanna set dudes on fire in this "souls" game too!! thanks!

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@Wii60BigScreenGamer: you can find a catalyst on top of the checkpoints of the three sections that the big flying red dragon breaths its fires on

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top of first tower when first starting can just do 3-1 and you'll get the silver one

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