Demon's Souls

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    Demon's Souls is an action-RPG developed by From Software and released in 2009. It quickly became popular within hardcore circles for its relentlessly steep difficulty level, deep combat system, and unique multiplayer integration.

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    This game gives you a warning on the cover. You're already dead. 24

    Demon's Souls is a bizarre entry into the action-RPG genre. At first glance, It seems like it would frustrate the average player. Yet this never really happens when playing the game proper. This occurs due to a structured balance that developer From Software somehow managed to achieve, but I will go into that later.  There are a ton of mechanics and ideas present in this game, so this review itself may be a bit long. Speaking of first glances, the title of this review, and the box art itself are...

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    Some kind of monster 0

      Demon’s Souls is a game that pushes the boundaries of one’s patience. In fact, scratch that. It doesn’t push the boundaries, it pancakes the boundaries with a monster truck dressed in decal patterned after its box art. And the driver of the truck is the villain from ’s World; the one that envisions an arcade game where players cannot defeat the blob, but will invest hundreds of quarters to figure out how anyways. Demon’s Souls is the kind of game that gets parodied on a show like The Simpsons...

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    Prepare to die. A lot. 6

    At the end of Demon's Souls introductory tutorial level, you die. You face a giant boss that shrugs off your attacks and kills you with a single hit. This perfectly encapsulates Demon's Souls. In a word, it is uncompromising. Unlike most games, the enemies in Demon's Souls aren't there for you to kill, they are there to kill you. In that, it is reminiscent of Ninja Gaiden, but it shares few other similarities with contemporary action-adventure games.At its core, Demon's Souls is a role-playing g...

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    Fighting demons has never been so fun.. or hard. 0

    Demon’s Souls is an action RPG like no other. This game will challenge you on every front, but if you stick with it this will be one of the most satisfying games you play this year.Before you actually begin Demon’s Souls you’ll need to create a character. Once you’ve customized your character it’s time to choose the class. The classes include such choices as a thief, barbarian, knight, ranger, priest, magician, etc, making for a total of 10 classes. I found that choosing a class effects only th...

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    Demon's Souls Review - This is Harsh. Evaluate Me 1

    To say Demon's Souls became an obsession of mine is to put it lightly. I own two copies of this game, the standard HK version and US Deluxe and I fully intend on adding to that the EU release if it ever surfaces. The game had me hooked from the moment I left the Nexus and saw  Boletaria Palace, the game is bleak and depressing but has its own sense of beauty the art team had the difficult task of making a desolate world inviting and so interesting that the player is compelled to journey on if on...

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    The 40 Hours that Changed RPGs 0

    For me, Demon's Souls literally came out of nowhere.  Before reading the initial glowing reviews of the game and purchasing it, I had no idea what the game was.  I greeted Demon's Souls with a profound degree of skepticism because of its checkered development history and, honestly, because its title is antithetical to the English language.  I stand (sit?) before you now to explain why my initial judgments of the game are indefensible and why RPGs will never be the same for me. You gotta know whe...

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    So the world might be mended 0

    Demon's Souls is easily one of the most gripping games I've ever played. Every part of the game's design is meant to keep you in the moment, and it provides a stiff challenge that will constantly keep you on the edge of your seat. And yet, with all its intricacies and difficulties, Demon's Souls still manages to be incredibly rewarding. This is a game like no other, making Demon's Souls something special that I feel compelled to recommend to any self respecting fan of RPGs.Demon's Souls has garn...

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    WARNING: Loss of own will to live possible 0

    Demon's Souls is so openly split with its reception. Either people despise every single aspect about it, or love all of its innovations and throw- backs to the old school scale of difficulty.  Suffice to say, they;re both valid enough in that yes, the game is unforgivably difficult. But only within the context for this day and age of games. It's as tough as stale bread for sure, but it's far from cheap. If you die, it's more so down to your own impatience, or through a small slip up with how you...

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    Demon's Souls Review 0

     Demon’s Souls. That’s a name I have been recommending a lot lately to my friends. At the same time, I have also been warning them. It’s an epic game on a grand scale, I will say, but along with that you have to mention the painstakingly difficult task it is to get started, and even greater difficulty to finish. At its roots, it is a hack’n’slash set in a twisted medieval fantasy world, devoured by “The Fog”. The story sets out with your created hero stepping foot into the region ravaged by sai...

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    Take a deep breath. 0

    Demon's Souls has gotten a lot of attention for being a very hard game.  This is one of the most intense games I've played in a long time, and is definitely a challenge.  That doesn't mean, however, that this game is overly frustrating or impossible at all.  There were only one or two points in my near 40 hour play through where I got frustrated enough to stop playing for a little bit, and I'm sure many who played the game got through it without many worries at all.  This game really just is wha...

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    Demon's Souls, A Consumption Game 0

      When first approaching this game, one considers the long run of Atlas games that have been released, and despite their innovative style, have not been able to compete with the overwhelming popularity of a game from RPG juggernauts like SquareEnix. For once, Atlas has released a game developed by FromSoftware that is both different from the typical RPG game on the shelves and is selling out. And for good reason. Demon’s Souls has proven that an RPG has the capacity to show a distinct level of d...

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    Hard but satisfying for a specific niche of gamer 4

    Demon's Soul is a new offering developed by From Software, often compared to the King's Field series developed by the same company.  It's a pretty open-ended fantasy action RPG known for a punishing sense of difficulty that will turn off most of the casual gamer crowd.  This is probably an unfortunate turn of events, as one of the greatest features of Demon's Souls is how it integrates online content into the single player game.  In the end, Demon's Souls is going to be remembered for the diffic...

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    Demon's Souls Review 0

    Demon's Souls is a PlayStation 3 RPG in which you will be trying to be the savior of the world. In this brutal intense game expect to die a lot, and yet not be completely defeated ever when you do die. This game was created by FROM Software, and published by Atlus.Graphically this game looks pretty good. The models for your character and the enemies look amazing, and yet I feel like everything looks a little muddled. Your character, when in spirit form, has light radiating off it, and I have to ...

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    It's like an exclusive club with a though bouncer 0

    Gaining entry is freaking hard, but once you're in and start picking up the dance moves, you'll start moving up in the world.  Demon's Souls has it down - the crack-cocaine addictiveness of an MMO. MMOs are generally quite frustrating at the beginning. There's a mountain of information to work through and ravines of depth to be explored. The further the player progresses, the less frustrating the game becomes. The difference between initial frustration and current frustration is usually being un...

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    Spoiled by a leveling system that allows to reduce challenge to nil just by grinding a bit 0

    Demon's Souls is a fantasy action-RPG released for Playstation 3 and as most have probably already heard it is supposed to be quite hard. The game starts out quite typically by creating a custom character and a bit of tutorial. After beating the first level the game world however opens up and takes a different turn. The game isn't like most typical RPGs set in some giant overworld, but instead it's set in a small central hub. In that hub the player can level up, buy some items and access each of...

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    Do you have what it takes? 0

    Demon's Souls was a sleeper hit that is considered to be one the best games of Playstation 3 in 2009. Right after Uncharted 2 that is. Year later we Europeans get this fine title over here as well. The waiting has been rewarded in form of Black Phantom edition which throws in a art book, soundtrack and strategy guide. What this game is most known for is no doubt the difficulty. If the player is not prepared the first formidable enemy will kill you easily. You are equipped with a shield which ...

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    Can you face the impossible, and win? 0

     Trying to describe how good this game is, is like drinking from a fire hose. Demon’s Souls is the most realistic RPG I’ve ever played. What does it mean for a fantasy RPG to be realistic? A couple of things. First, Demon’s Souls immerses you completely in a hopeless, despairing world on the knife-edge of total destruction. As you start to play, you immediately realize the odds are stacked against you — heavily. Enemies attack in groups. Levels are designed to lure you into ambushes. Trap...

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    It's like there's a whole new world in here 0

    If this game didn't have its own wiki site, I have no idea what the rating would be. For a game so deep, it seems almost nothing is explained in game, like giving Ed the Red Hot Demon Soul so he can make you legendary weapons.   But since there is a wiki, and I knew exactly what I should do, I can't complain too much. This game rests safely between an action adventure and an MMO. Like most MMO's, you'll spend a great deal of time reading shit on the internet about it. What weapons go with what c...

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    A love-hate relationship 0

    IntroFor a japanese developed RPG, this game feels strange. It doesn't come with the 'usual' trappings of your regular JRPG. There are no androgynous teens with spiky, colorful hair. There are no pastel shaded blobs acting as monsters.  In theme, visual style and environments - it's more reminiscent of older western rpgs like the Ultima series, the Wizardry series or the Elder Scrolls series. But filtered through the eyes of japanese developers.    World The world is split up into 5 major areas ...

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    "Let strength be granted so the world might be mended..." 0

    You think that's hard? That's just the tutorial level, that's the next level over there!  As a precursor statement, I'll simply state I hate difficult games. While I don't mind a challenge now and then, if a game feels programmed to always win despite the skills on the contrary, I start to get turned off. These can range from a first person shooter with enemy AI having pitch-perfect accuracy or a fighter with opponents a bit too good at countering my moves, games with unfair difficulties can be,...

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    Think Dragons Lair with better graphics. Unforgiving, to beyond the point of frustration. Not to mention over-hyped. 0

    Demon souls is a remarkable game. It does set benchmarks which other RPG's should adhere to. Its brilliant online system and graphics all add to a great game. But there is one flaw which had me quitting over and over. It's too unforgiving.Now I know the video reviews of various sites mention that you will die and die often. But that doesn't make it fun. Its boring.Playing through a large level and getting killed and having to repeat it all over? No thanks. It reminds me of games of old where the...

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    Atmosphere Winner 0

    A game which finally gave me reason to purchase the PS3 was well worth it. Not only is this one of the scariest games out there due to it's flawless audio and visual execution, but it's also one of the most rewarding action RPG's to come in years. The combat is simple yet highly addictive with intense encounters around every corner. The pure genius lays in it's way of captivating the player into wondering what's gonna happen next. Similar in feel to Castelvania: Symphony of the Night but unique ...

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    Old school game design makes a more tactile experience 0

    A lot has been said about this game's mechanics and backstory, so I'll just assume everyone reading knows the basics.  I've read a lot of Demon's Souls opinions and reviews, and they all lean heavily on the "not for the faint of heart" or "only the brave need apply" theme. There's actually a big secret about the game's difficulty; it's not that hard.  When I first picked up the game, I found myself in the category of people that found the game too difficult. I got stuck on the second level and s...

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    Not your run of the mill cute fantasy. This game will F*** you up 0

        Demon's souls developers aren't worried about making their game casual and for everyone to enjoy. They decided to please the more hard-core type of gamers. This game is unrelenting, and would rather smack your hand than hold it. So if your into punishment and love a challenge, or have a fetish for dieng, this is your game.      The Story does what little it can get a way with and gets out of your way, so you can get to the meat of the game quickly. The starting of the game may seem like a wa...

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    For the pro gamer who loves being challenged 0

    Demon's Souls is  not made for the average gamer. In fact most of the games on the ps3 aren't. The casual/average gamer term is used a lot now as many people who don't usually play games have wiis and are picking up gaming. This game is meant for people who love RPGs and have wanted to get sucked into mythical worlds like the ones in lord of the rings or doungeons and dragons. It also brings out enough difficulty to make it a challenge to even the most hardcore of gamers. Yet it doesn't make it ...

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    Only Those Strong Enough Can Continue: Demon's Souls Review 0

     If you're anything like me you hate when games play unfair. There's almost nothing I find more frustrating than when I die because the game made an unfair move. Demon's Souls is not an unfair game. Yes, it is really difficult, and unforgiving. But don't let you think for a minute that the game ever tries a cheap move. Everything about this game feels so right, there's nothing quite like it. Demon's Souls is incredibly innovative, rewarding, immersive, and fun. The most difficult thing I found a...

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    This is a review, evaluate me 0

     One of the greatest misconceptions about last year’s critically acclaimed Playstation 3 exclusive, Demon’s Souls, is that it is only meant for those that most will refer to as hardcore gamers. I myself am not a hardcore gamer, far from it. I am pretty hardcore when it comes to watching trailers and reading the latest gaming news, but actual gaming seldom takes place. Still, Demon’s Souls swallowed me whole.   It also made a habit of spitting me out but never without leaving me determined to get...

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    Oldschool hardcore is back!!! 0

     Demon's Souls... Demon's... Souls... The first time heared that title I thought of a rpg of which you can play asleep and that focuses on story... I couldn't have been more wrong! This a fraking hard, gameplay focused... rpg! Alright I could have been more wrong.  When I say fraking hard I mean really fraking hard, the kinda of hard that makes little kids cry to sleep. But not the broken or unfair hard of most hard games. This is oldschool hard: When you die it's because weren't focused and you...

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    Demon's Souls Review 0

    After spending twenty minutes in a dungeon, you consume the remaining leaves you have to restore the rest of your health before venturing forth. Keeping your shield up, you slowly walk forward trying to ensure you keep yourself alive. You turn a corner to find a squid-faced spell caster. He immediately stuns you, and then bites your face off, all in the span of ten seconds, leaving you dead, and all the progress you made in this dungeon disappear into the wind, and your left contemplating how ev...

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    Demon's Souls Review 0

     Demon’s Souls is a rare game, a decidedly unwavering and punishing challenge from the onset that never feels cheap nor short on reward. It’s an RPG out of Japan, but a lot of elements actually make me look at it with a Western Action RPG skew. You choose a character from one of many classes and get tossed into a tutorial that does an amazing job at preparing you just for what you’re about to face. Which is death. Perhaps lots of it. I’d try to tell you about story, but beyond collecting demon’s...

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    An Abusive Game You Will Love 0

     Demon’s Souls hates me.   And it hates you too.   The world in Demon’s Souls will poison you, monsters will gang up on you, and the characters who actually assist you will say things like, “Do come back alive.   I need your business.”   The game doesn’t even give you the escape of a game-over screen when you die.   Instead your character’s body vanishes, leaving a glowing soul with only half a life bar.   And when you do finally beat the game, you immediately get tossed back to the beginning on...

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    One Of My All Time Favs 0

    Demon's Souls developed in 2009 by From Software and published by Atlus is a challenging and realistic third person RPG that will wear on even the best gamers.Demon's Souls came out of nowhere in 2009 and was a strong game of the year contender, even winning the award at many media outlets. Any gamer looking for an extreme challenge will love Demon's Souls regardless if they play RPG's or not. Many people will simply give up on the game, but those that continue to play on will find one of the mo...

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    Demon Souls can be a challenge, but the rewards make up for it. 0

    Demon's Souls has been one of the most talked about games in recent memory. It was not really talked about as being a fantastic game, or even that much of a "game changer" but nevertheless, there has been buzz around the Souls environment. This is mainly due to the way the game just screws you over when you make a mistake. This coupled with the little touches to ratchet up the frustration a bit, and you start to see just what it is about this game that has everyone talking.My personal experience...

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    Demon's Souls Review 0

     Demon’s soul is bleak and brutal RPG that pits your character in combat against a plethora of violent demons. You have soldiers who were formerly humans, guards with the head of Octopus’, skeletons wielding scimitars, flame creatures and monstrosities that carry all types of plagues and good old Death himself. The  5  different worlds that the game takes place in are split into sections, with each being guarded by a hideous monster boss. Every single thing in each world has one purpose, and one...

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    Reminiscent of the first Diablo. A new age of dungeon crawling. 0

     Reminiscent of the first Diablo for a new generation of video games. A new age of Dungeon Crawling has Demon's Souls rewards trial and error with a large emphasis on the error part. With layers upon layers of optional content, hidden items, and places to discover From Software has reinvented the action RPG wheel. The reason i say it reminds me of the first Diablo is this. Firstly, you have your main "hub and or town" which is known as the Nexus in Demon's Souls. The "main b...

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    So good and so rewarding. 0

     Ah, Demon’s Souls. A PS3 exclusive only just now making its way over to PAL regions after being available in the US and Japan for quite some time now. It seems as though everyone who really wanted to play it over here has already imported it and found out first-hand how great a game it is, but if you’re one of the ones who doesn’t know anything about this game and wants to know if it’s worth adding to your collection then read on. Demon’s Souls is an Action-RPG set in the medieval kingdo...

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    Review: Demon's Souls 0

      So, Demon's Souls. This game was released in February 2009 in Japan, March in Asia which also had a English language option, America in September. And finally Europe in June 2010. So, as you can see this game is nearly one and a half years old. Due to this many people imported the Asian version or the American version. But even so, the game still did extremely well in the UK especially. Coming 6 in the Charts beating the likes of Transformers and Just dance(!) I was thinking of buy...

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    Test 0

     Ignore this, it will be gone in a minute.   Ignore this, it will be gone in a minute.   Ignore this, it will be gone in a minute.      Ignore this, it will be gone in a minute.  Ignore this, it will be gone in a minute. Ignore this, it will be gone in a minute.  Ignore this, it will be gone in a minute.  Ignore this, it will be gone in a minute.  Ignore this, it will be gone in a minute.  Ignore this, it will be gone in a minute.  Ignore this, it will be gone in a minute.  Ignore this, it wil...

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    Sudden Death 0

    First of all, yes, this game is hard. You die a lot, most of the time this is due to the fact that you're trying to rush through a level to get back to a place you dropped all your souls when you died last and this makes you careless. And careless in the world of Demons Souls means dead.Demons souls is an action RPG with a difference. Your character traverses the levels collecting souls along the way with the ultimate goal of defeating the demon boss at the end of each level. The bad news is tha...

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    The PS3 RPG I have been waiting for 0

      Remember when you first played Ghosts n Goblins, and you thought to yourself, “why is this so damn hard?!?!”? You kept dying, but you kept playing because the game was just so awesome looking and you just had to overcome the challenge to prove yourself as a “true gamer”. Well, the same thing is going to occur when you play Demon’s Souls for the PS3. You are going to be amazed by the atmosphere of the game, but at the same time you are going to get your ass handed to you over and over, and ove...

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    Demon's Souls makes every other modern game seem laughably easy. 0

    Since their very beginning, video games have been full of "one dude against the world" scenarios, but very few have captured the feeling of what it would truly be like to be the only hope in a world darkened by sorcery and evil quite like Demon's Souls. Such a journey would seem hopeless, frightening, and bereft of any joy or diversion. And it would be hard. Demon's Souls drives home the necessary lesson that no matter how uber your gear is or how experienced you are, a pickaxe rammed in your ba...

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    Death has never felt so good... and painful. 0

    Demon's Souls for the PS3 brings memories of childhood experiences with video games. Bragging to yours friends how you got past that one part that no one could get past and to then get your butt handed to you and maybe a second serving the next time you try, but something about Demon's Souls makes it all worth while.    The story isn't especially deep, but gives you enough that you know you have to kick some demon butt. The graphics at times are incredibly epic and immersive, as you will be run...

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