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Demorgan's Castle is a player-run "world" in the game, Face of Mankind. There are no NPC's present. It is designed to be the place where anyone who is arrested in the game, is sent. It is set on a brown rocky planet, and consists of a mine, a prison, and LED security. 
It is not uncommon to see an enemy faction raiding the castle, although attempts to do so are usuallly in vain as it is so heavily defended. It is considered the headquarters of the LED faction. As in other worlds under the dominion government's control it is policed by the LED who enforce the laws of the colony including....
  • All weapons must remain holstered
  • If you are scanned and found to be in the possession of drugs or other illegal items, they will be confiscated and the offender will be arrested
  • Do not interfere with the LED's secure area's such as the prison ramp and LED security.
Among others..... 

LED security.

The L.E.D. or law enforcement department, is the player faction tasked with the arresting of criminals and the maintaining of peace throughout New York, Paris, and Tokyo as well as the castle itself. Demorgan's Castle is their homebase, it is almost always under their control except for the occasional lucky insurrection. They are the only one (Except for FDC, see below) who can acess the higher security area's of Demorgan's castle. From LED security, players can group up and resupply prior to embarking on various field operations and missions outside. It is protected by a series of locked barriers that can only be opened by LED officers of sufficient rank. Rank 2 is required to access the main area of LED security but you must be of higher rank to access the Colony command center and the prison block itself. The only entrance to the security station is guarded 24/7 by LED player's from all over the world. They are there to prevent any hackers or raid groups from getting in to free the prisoners. Guarding the main entrance is a common mission objective, randomly assigned to LED players in the game. 
The great safety of the area makes it the ideal spot for officer education programs. The programs allow for player's to advance beyond rank  but require that you take an exam, administered by a higher level player in the "police institute dept. and get a certain number of points on that exam to advance. 
The other faction that occupies this area is the FDC (Freedom Defense Corps.) They are the military branch of the Dominion Government in face of Mankind (LED being law enforcement. ) and are key in supporting the LED's hold on the castle itself, the FDC are the only other faction with access to the LED security Area. At times they have been shut out of the castle, such as the recent civil war between the FDC and LED, during which all FDC members were ordered to be killed on sight. But as long as there is peace time, the FDC and LED work together and have free rein of the Castle.  

The Mine.

 In the mine various materials can be gathered for crafting and sale. The mines contain equipment for both mining of things like iron and coal as well as the production facilities to produce usable items and components. It is an unrestricted area that can be accessed by anyone visiting the prison colony, because it is such a large area with many dead ends and twisting passages, it is a common place for gankers, as the LED/FDC cannot hope to protect the whole area. 

The Prison

At the end of LED security is an access ramp leading to the prison block itself, here, higher ranked players and members of the castle's security dept. stand guard. They do not let anyone below the rank of 3 up and even then, permission is usually required from one of the higher ups. Anyone who approaches the gate to the prison is considered a possible threat who might attempt to unlock the doors, leading to a prison riot, An event that has happened only a few times, but when it has the results have been devastating. With the freed prisoners often getting gunned down in their futile attempt to escape.
When someone is arrested on any planet in the game, whether it be for ganking, drug running, or the like, they are teleported to the prison yard. here they must wait out their sentence. When their penalty points (The higher the number, the more serious the crime.) reach zero, they are allowed to teleport back out to the galaxy. Many players will surrender themselves even if they haven't committed a crime, so they can be arrested and sent to the prison where they can remove their penalty points before they accumulate too many. They may have gained these points through completing objectives that may have conflicted with some of the laws, or simply by defending themselves. LED officers themselves, can be arrested on sight if they earn more than 5,000 penalty points, all other factions can earn up to 10,000 and still be allowed to be free until they commit a crime. 
In order to speed up the loss of penalty points, players can perform a series of actions to complete objectives that are specific to the prison itself. , these activities may include the use of the prison's mining and production facilities, or just doing repeated physical actions such as running and jumping, Some players will sneak in weapons in order to attempt an escape. However such actions rarely prove successful so it is often better to simply wait out one's sentence.

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