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    Dene Carter is veteran game developer, co-creator of Dungeon Keeper, one of the founders of the Fable Franchise, and was BAFTA shortlisted for his game 'Incoboto'.

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    Dene Carter spent many years as a programmer at Bullfrog Productions. After the departure of Peter Molyneux from Bullfrog to setup Lionhead Studios, Dene along with his brother Simon Carter and Ian Lovett would found Big Blue Box studios and begin the development of Fable.

    Dene served as a creative director for the franchise until part way through Fable III. He then left Lionhead to develop solo mobile and tablet games as Fluttermind Ltd.

    His most recent work was the critically acclaimed 'Incoboto' which was nominated for a BAFTA in 2013.

    He is now working on a mystery project entitled 'Wardenclyffe', which some believe to be a combination of cute visuals and 17th century demonology.


    • Was formerly known for his gothic appearance, but now sports a ridiculous waxed moustache
    • Dene and his brother Simon bear and uncanny visual resemblance to 'Max and Sam' two characters in Fable II who raise the undead through bumbling with the 'Normanomicon' or 'Book of the Very Dead'
    • Served as the voice of the dungeon assistant in Dungeon Keeper. "Your creatures are hungry!"
    • Plays clarinet, and has an ever-growing collection of synthesisers and eurorack synth modules
    • Listens to music most find unlistenable for reasons of mood, length or ferocity. Sometimes all 3.

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