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Fight with your favorite characters
Fight with your favorite characters

Denkegi Bunko: Fighting Climax is a 2D fighting game developed by Ecole Software and Soft Circle French-Bread, the company responsible for Melty Blood fighting games and Under Night In-Birth. The game will consist of multiple characters from the Dengeki Bunko light novel publisher. Sega will be publishing this game in Japanese arcades in March 2014.



The game will use 8-way direction and movement options are:

  • Dash
  • Back-dash
  • Double jump

Normal attacks:

Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax will use four buttons similar to Tatsunoko vs Capcom.

  • A - Weak Attack
  • B - Medium Attack
  • C - Heavy Attack
  • S - Support

Game Mechanics:

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  • Support - The (S) button will call in a support character. After calling in your support character, there will be a recovery time bore you can call them in battle again. The recovery takes 4-5 Seconds at max but differs from characters.
  • Lightning Marks - At the beginning of the match each player begins with 2 Lighting Marks and if one is depleted, they can regain it back in the next round. The maximum amount of Lighting Marks one player can hold is 2 Marks.
  • Climax Gauge - Like with most games the meter will build up if you attack and defend. The meter can go up to 5 bars.
  • Blast - (ABC) has multiple uses. One of its functions is a combo breaker if you are taking damage. If you are in neutral state, it will boost your character's ability. If you blast during your combo, you can launch your opponent into the air and follow-up with a combo. Blast takes time to recover after use.
  • Quick combination - Tapping the (A) button repeatedly will perform and auto-combo.
  • Impact Skill - (AB or 2AB) will trigger the unique skill. Can be used in combos and so can be used like a special attack. Can also be used as a counterattack since the first hit has a guard point.
  • Trump Card - (BC) will trigger a powerful attack that will use one Lighting Mark. These attacks will have invincibility during startup or works as overheads and they are easy to connect. This attack also deals very high damage. The trump card is usually a counterattack but can also be used as a finisher.
  • Extend Action - Techniques will be different depending on the characters but if you do a normal or special attack, holding down the button it will change the move.
  • EX Special - Using a special move with the (S) button will use one meter of the Climax bar to unleash a stronger version of that move.
  • Climax Arts - These are supers that will use up to two Climax bars.
  • Reflection Guard - When guarding from the opponents attack, push any button to push. This will drain a bit of the meter.
  • Potential - After certain conditions are met, the character's unique skill will be activated.


These are the characters from their own series.

Main Character Assist Character Series Appearance
ShanaWilhelmina CarmelShakugan No Shana
Asuna // KiritoLeafaSword Art Online
Mikoto MisakaTouma Kamijo A Certain Magical Index / Scientific Railgun
Kirino KousakaRuri GokouOre no Imoto ga Konna No Kawaii Wake ga Nai
Shizuo HeiwajimaCelty SturlusonDurarara!!
KuroyukihimeHaruyuki AritaAccel World
Miyuki ShibaTatsuya ShibaThe Irregular at Magic High School
Rentaro SatomiEnju AiharaBlack Bullet
Yukina HimeragiKojou AkatsukiStrike The Blood
Taiga AisakaRyuuji TakasuToradora!
Tomoka MinatoXRo-Kyu-Bu!
XErio TōwaDenpa Onna to Seishun Otoko
XKōko KagaGolden Time
XKinoKino's Journey
XHoloSpice and Wolf
XSadao MaōThe Devil Is a Part Timer!
XMashiro ShiinaThe Pet Girl Of Sakurasou
Selvaria BlesAlicia MelchiottValkyria Chronicles


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