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    Der Riese

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    Is a part of Map Pack 3 for Call of Duty: World at War and is the fourth Nazi Zombie map to date.

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    Der Riese is the third downloadable map for the ' Nazi Zombies' survival mode in Call of Duty : World at War. The map is part of 'Map Pack 3', which also contains three multiplayer maps : Breach, Battery, and Revolution. The 360 version also comes with it's own set of 10 additional achievements worth a total of 250G.

    Der Riese, which is German for "The Giant" is set somewhere in a secret factory in Berlin, Germany and is the birthplace of the horrors known as Nazi Zombies. This welcome addition to the Nazi Zombie maps contains several unique differences to previous Nazi Zombie maps:

    Der Riese features the same characters as Shi No Numa. These characters are :

    There's also a lot more dialogue between the characters this time around.

    Musical Easter Egg: Beauty of Annihilation by Elena Siegman

    As seen in the previous Nazi Zombies map Shi No Numa, Der Riese features a hidden song that can be activated by locating three glowing jars that are spread around various parts of the map. When you are close to one of the areas in which one of these jars are located, you will begin to hear a strange, alien-like sound becoming noticeable over the normal sounds of standard gameplay. When you have found the jar, simply active them by pressing the Square (PS3) or Blue X (XB360) buttons. After you have found and activated all three, the song "Beauty of Annihilation" by Elena Siegman will start playing in the background behind the normal gameplay audio.

    Map Easter Egg: Mysterious Radio Transmissions

    Spread out in various locations around the map, several radio units that contain special recordings await your discovery. Activate them in the same way as you activate the jars for the musical easter egg and you can listen to the recorded messages.


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