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Derby Stallion is a series that began on the Famicom in 1991 and continues to the present, with releases as recent as December 2014 for the Nintendo 3DS. Though it has many sequels, each game in the series is iterative, building on the last and adding a few new features and/or a graphical update each time.

Due to the popularity in Japan of horse-racing and the business aspects of developing a stable, and the relative lack of popularity of same in other countries, no Derby Stallion game has ever been released outside of Japan.


A non-exhaustive list follows:

Best Keiba Derby StallionFamicom12/21/1991The first game in the series. "Best Keiba" would be dropped from future titles.
Derby Stallion ZengokubanFamicom08/28/1992"Zengokuban" roughly means "National Edition".
Derby Stallion IISuper Famicom02/18/1994The first 16-bit console game in the series.
Derby Stallion IIISuper Famicom01/20/1995
Derby Stallion '96Super Famicom03/15/1996Also released via the Satellaview.
Derby StallionPlayStation07/17/1997The first 32-bit console game in the series.
Derby Stallion '98Super Famicom09/01/1998Released via a special edition of Nintendo Power in Japan.
Derby StallionSaturn03/25/1999A port of the 1997 PlayStation Derby Stallion.
Derby Stallion '99PlayStation09/30/1999
Derby Stallion 64Nintendo 6408/10/2001The first 64-bit console game in the series.
Derby Stallion AdvanceGame Boy Advance12/06/2002The first game in the series for a portable system.
Derby Stallion '04PlayStation 204/22/2002
Derby Stallion PPSP07/27/2006
Derby Stallion DSNintendo DS06/26/2008
Derby Stallion GoldNintendo 3DS12/04/2014

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