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    Derek Westbrook

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    Derek "Frost" Westbrook is one of the playable characters in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. He is part of the Delta Force.

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    Though there are several playable characters in the Modern Warfare 3 campaign, Derek "Frost" Westbrook is one of the two primary characters. He is one of four members of  Team Metal, a branch of the Delta Force. Most of the team's missions represent the front lines aspect of combat.

    Unknown Ending

    During the end of the game Taskforce 141 and Team Metal link up to rescue the Russian President. Grinch, Sandman, Truck, Price, and the playable character Yuri are all present in the mission; however, there is no sign of Frost. During this mission all of Team Metal dies, while only the members of Taskforce 141 and the Russian President are able to escape. The whereabouts of Frost are still unknown, as he isn't mention again.

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