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    Desann is the main villain in Star Wars: Jedi Outcast. He trained to be a Jedi but he turned towards the dark side and kidnapped Jan Ors, leading to the main plot of Jedi Outcast. He is also a playable character in the multiplayer of Jedi Academy.

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    On his home planet Desann was shunned and feared for his strange magic like abilities.  A passing trader understood these abilities to be a sign of force sensitivity and as a result Desann became a student at Luke’s Skywalker’s Jedi Academy.  Though he started out as a very promising student, overtime he became power-hungry, aggressive, and violent even to the point of killing a fellow student in cold blood.  He then, left the academy saying that he was, “…too weak to be a Jedi.”

    He later joined Admiral Galak Fyyar and became a leader of the Imperial Remnant.  He and Fyyar then hatched a plan to regain the control of the galaxy by artificial infusing the force into living subjects.  After initial attempts failed, he then capture Jan Ors and ordered his apprentice Tavion to kill her while her partner Kyle Katarn was nearby.  He did this to enrage Katarn and lead him to seek vengeance knowing that Katarn’s only hope for beating him would be for Kyle to travel to the Vallay of the Jedi(A burial ground for Jedi and a place of great Force power) and use the power of the valley to infuse himself once again with the Force.  Desann followed him to the Valley intent of infusing his own followers with the Force using the Valley’s power.  In the end he is killed by Katarn along with the bulk of his army.  

    Jedi Academy Multiplayer
    in the sequel to outcast, Jedi Academy, Desann is a npc and player model in the multiplayer mode. if u run away from his npc, he says his most famous line: "Run Katarn! Haha!"

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