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    Descent II: Vertigo Series

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Nov 15, 1996

    Vertigo Series is an expansion pack for Descent II, originally released in November 1996.

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    Vertigo includes a new episode with 23 additional levels (three of them secret levels) for Descent II, some new functionality, such as flickering lights, new textures and enemies, two new multiplayer modes, as well as a new redbook soundtrack with 7 new or remixed songs. In order to play the new music, the game first had to be started with the original Descent II CD, and then the player had to switch CD's at the main menu. Only the Descent II CD was required to play it, and in that case the regular Descent II soundtrack would play.

    The new functions and textures were also incorporated into the PlayStation game Descent Maximum, which was loosely based on Descent II and Vertigo, with new level designs but the same over-all plot.

    Redbook Soundtrack

    1. Game Data
    2. Crush by Brian Luzietti
    3. Glut (Extended Remix) by Nivek Ogre/Skinny Puppy and Mark Walk
    4. Haunted (Instrumental Version) by Type-O Negative
    5. New Track #1 (Uncredited - Cutscene music from Descent 1 for PS1)
    6. Untitled Track by Mark Morgan
    7. New Track #2 (Uncredited)
    8. New Track #3 (Uncredited - Track from the Mac version of Descent 1)

    The uncredited tracks are likely by Brian Luzietti, Larry Peacock or Johann Langlie.


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