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Descent Maximum was originally planned to be a straight forward port of Descent II (and in Europe the game was still titled Descent II), but due to Sony's policies regarding ports from other platforms, as well as the technical limitations of the PlayStation, the original levels were scrapped and 36 new levels were designed with the console's limitations and favored gameplay style in mind - the levels were much smaller than on PC, and were conforming more to a two dimensional plane in order to be easier to navigate with the PS1's digital controller (the PS1 controllers with analog sticks were still another year from being released).

The enemy designs, cutscenes and most textures are reused from Descent II on PC, and the soundtrack consists of the PC's redbook music for Descent II and the Vertigo expansion, though some songs are alternate or extended mixes.

Redbook tracklist

  1. Intro + Crawl by Brian Luzietti
  2. Crush by Brian Luzietti
  3. Mark2 by Mark Morgan
  4. Cold Reality by Larry Peacock, Brad Cross, and Leslie Spitzer
  5. Techno Industry by Johann Langlie
  6. Glut by Nivek Ogre/Skinny Puppy and Mark Walk
  7. Gunner Down by Brian Luzietti
  8. Pain by Larry Peacock, Brad Cross, and Leslie Spitzer
  9. Robot Jungle by Johann Langlie
  10. Ratzes by Nivek Ogre/Skinny Puppy and Mark Walk
  11. Haunted (Instrumental version) by Type-O Negative
  12. Are You Descent? by Ronald Valdez
  13. Rusty by Nivek Ogre/Skinny Puppy and Mark Walk
  14. Base Return by Peter Rotter
  15. Final Mission by Peter Rotter

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