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    Desktop Dungeons

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Nov 07, 2013

    Desktop Dungeons is a short timespan roguelike dungeon crawler. The player has to utilize the simple rule set and their class to beat the boss.

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    Each game or round consists of one dungeon floor, randomly created, that you must navigate through, gaining levels until you can defeat the boss. As you move more of the dungeon is revealed, allowing you to find hidden treasure or power ups. Once you have defeated the boss, a score screen is shown and any game rewards are given to you. These rewards include new game modes, classes, or races. There is only a single floor to each dungeon, and no persistent characters from dungeon to dungeon. Long term progression in the game comes in the form of collecting gold and unlocking new game elements, which can open up new strategies.

    Although the game is heavily informed by roguelike design, each level is akin to a tactical puzzle game. The primary way for the player to regain health and mana is by exploring squares; if one uses up this resource recklessly, it is easily possible to lock oneself out of being able to defeat the level's boss. More difficult levels often require more complex strategies, such as targeting monsters of much higher level than the player, or carefully timing a level up to take best advantage of the free health and mana restoration associated with it.


    After the initial freeware release of the alpha version in 2010, QFC Design turned their efforts toward an enhanced, full version of the game, which they have rewritten in the Unity Engine. The full version was commercially released in 2013 on PC, Mac, and Linux with iOS and Android ports following.

    The full version features enhanced graphics and expanded gameplay. It uses a world map with multiple dungeons, and each of these dungeons contain distinguishing features, such as different level layouts and different selections of monsters. This provides a much expanded selection compared to the level types available in the alpha. The player undertakes a series of quests to unlock new dungeons, as well as items, classes, races, altars and other features. Dungeons may now include sub-dungeons, branches that often contain rewards or puzzles. A "preparation" system was introduced in the beta, which allows the player to spend gold in exchange for certain advantages at the start of a dungeon run. The preparation system includes item banks, which allow the player to store items they have found and reuse them in later dungeons.

    Due to extensive rebalancing, some gameplay elements including class abilities and gods now operate quite differently in the full version, compared to their counterparts in the freeware version.


    The alpha version of the game is freeware and is currently available for download at

    The full version of the game is now available for purchase on Steam and on the the creator's website. The game retails for $14.99 and was officially released on November 7th 2013.


    NameDescriptionUnlocked at...
    Human +10% Damage BonusStart of game
    Elf +2 Maximum ManaStart of game
    Dwarf +1 Max Health per level*Start of game
    Halfling +1 Healing PotionStart of game
    Gnome +1 Mana PotionStart of game
    Goblin +10 goldDefeating the Crypt dungeon with any race
    Orc +5 experienceDefeating the Library dungeon with any race


    NameDescriptionUnlocked at...Class Tier
    • Can see monsters of equal or lower level to the player on the map
    • Gains 1 additional XP point per monster kill
    • Survives 1 killing blow for free
    Start of game1
    • First attack on all monsters deals 30% more damage
    • Map contains 33% more items
    • HP and MP potions act as both in one
    Start of game1
    • Bonus of 2 HP per level
    • HP potions heal 100% HP
    • Deals 200% damage to Undead
    Start of game1
    • Can see all glyph locations
    • -1 MP cost to use glyphs
    • -25% to own melee damage
    • Map created with 1 extra glyph slot
    Start of game1
    • 30% more damage vs higher level monsters
    • -50% magic damage taken
    • 30% more damage at all times
    • Adds 2 MP cost to all glyphs
    Defeating normal dungeon using Fighter2
    • First Strike enabled at all times
    • 20% base dodge rate
    • 50% more damage at all times
    • -5 HP per level up
    Defeating normal dungeon using Thief2
    • Melee damage done of -50%
    • Magic and physical damage taken of -50%
    • HP regeneration from exploration is doubled
    Defeating normal dungeon using Priest2
    • Heals 2 HP per 1 any MP spent
    • Begins with 5 additional MP
    • Does 1 magic damage to monster per character level when hit
    Defeating normal dungeon using Wizard2
    • Begins with CYDSTEPP (cheat death) glyph
    • 30% more damage when HP is below 50%
    • Drinking MP potions gives a 30% damage on the next hit
    Defeating normal dungeon using Berserker3
    • Begins with APHEELSIK (poison) glyph
    • Exploring all squares around monsters enables First Strike
    • 1 hit KO on all lower level monsters
    Defeating normal dungeon using Rogue3
    • Begins with HALPMEH (heal) glyph
    • Killing the Undead restores 50% HP
    • -25% physical damage taken
    Defeating normal dungeon using Monk3
    • Begins with BLUDTUPOWA (HP to MP) glyph
    • MP potions give 100% refill (at the cost of 6 HP per level)
    • Heal 15% HP from blood pools
    Defeating normal dungeon using Sorcerer3
    • Begins with ENDISWAL (break wall) glyph
    • Gains 2 HP per level for wall destruction
    • ENDISWAL costs 1 MP, no HP regeneration
    Defeating Snake Pit with any characterSpecial
    • Monster kills give 10% damage bonus on next hit (can chain up to 100%)
    • Immune to Poison and Mana Burn
    • Deals 300% attack damage to type of monster that killed the player
    Defeating Factory with a WizardSpecial
    • Map created with 6 extra shops
    • 20% item discount
    • Gold for monster kills
    Defeating Factory with any characterSpecial
    • Starts with ENDISWAL glyph
    • -50% damage at start
    • 50% physical resist
    • Poison attack
    • Death Gaze immunity
    • Adds 2 MP per kill
    • Petrifies defeated enemies
    • 10% to death gaze
    • Converts glyphs to additional 5% death gaze
    Defeating Snake Pit with a MonkSpecial
    Half Dragon
    Half Dragon
    • 200% health at start
    • Magical attack
    • Increased sight radius
    • BURNDAYRAZ prohibited
    • 20% knockback damage
    • Converts glyphs to 20% additional knockback damage
    Defeating Library with a WarlordSpecial
    • 7 damage per level
    • -1 HP per tile explored
    • First Strike
    • Poison immunity
    • Mana burn immunity
    • Sense monster locations
    • Spells use health instead of mana
    • Restore 10% health from blood pools
    • 5% life steal
    • Converts glyphs to additional 5% life steal
    Defeating Crypt with an AssassinSpecial


    NameMana CostDescription
    5Inflicts poison status on a monster, preventing it from regenerating HP while you explore. The effect will wear off if attack anything. The Undead are immune to this glyph
    • Unlocked by completing a normal game as an Assassin
    0Switches health regeneration for mana regeneration on one undiscovered tile
    • Unlocked by completing a normal game as a Bloodmage
    6Throws a fireball at a monster, causing 4 points of damage per each of the player's levels
    2Player gets an additional 30% damage bonus during the next physical attack
    10Rather than dying, the player will be protected from the next fatal blow and will be reduced to 1 HP instead
    • Unlocked by completing a normal game as a Warlord
    8Destroys a section of wall
    3First strike status is enabled in the next physical attack
    3Restores 3 HP per player level and cures any poison status
    • Unlocked by completing a normal game as a Paladin
    5Transforms a monster into a section of wall. It will not grant the player with any XP points, nor will it trigger any kind of reward/punishment from deities, however
    3Fully reveals 3 random unexplored tiles, awarding the player the usual HP and/or MP bonus for revealing a new tile
    10Teleports a monster to any random empty tile in the map
    6Teleports the player to any random empty tile in the map
    6Teleports a random monster of the same level as the player's to any random empty tile next to the player's character


    NameAttackHealthAbilitiesBoss Name
    Animated Armour 160%Always 1
    • Death protection (1 point per level)
    Bandit 70%80%
    • Poison attack
    • Mana burn
    Nine Toes
    Dragonspawn 100%125%
    • Magical attack
    Matron of Flame
    Goat 100%75%
    • 25% Magical resistance
    Gharbad the- whoah!
    Goblin 120%100%
    • First strike
    Lord Gobb
    Golem 100%100%
    • 50% Magic resistance
    The Iron Man
    Goo blob 100%100%
    • 50% Physical resistance
    Tower of goo
    Gorgon 100%70%
    • First strike
    • Death gaze (when the player's health is lower than 50%)
    Imp 100%80%
    • Blinks
    Meat man 65%200%
    • ---
    Super Meat Man
    Naga 100%100%
    • Weaken attack
    Serpent 100%100%
    • Poison attack
    Vampire 100%100%
    • Undead
    • Life steal upon discovery (brings the hero's health down to 60% of his current maximum HP)
    Warlock 135%100%
    • Magical attack
    Wraith 100%75%
    • Undead
    • Magical attack
    • Mana burn
    • 30% Physical resistance
    Tormented One
    Zombie 100%150%
    • Undead
    Frank the zombie

    Stores & Store Items

    Stores are placed randomly at the beginning of each dungeon and are revealed whenever you uncover the tile next to it.

    At the early stages of the game, only Items from ranks 1 to 5 will be available to purchase in any shop. From then on, for each of the tiers 1 to 3 character classes that the player completes the game with, the Item Rank limit will increase by 2. Finally, for every class that completes the Library Challenge, the Item Rank limit will increase by 1.

    RankNameGold Cost *Effect
    1Pendant of health 25
    • Adds 10 to maximum health
    2Pendant of mana 20
    • Adds 2 to maximum mana
    3Fine sword 25
    • Increases base damage by 5
    4Health potion 12
    • Restores 40% of your health (100% for Priests)
    • Cures poison
    5Mana potion 12
    • Restores 40% of your mana (100% for Bloodmages)
    • Cures mana burn
    6Bloody sigil 10
    • Adds 10 to maximum health
    • Reduces damage bonus by 10%
    7Viper ward 25
    • Grants immunity to poison
    8Soul orb 30
    • Grants immunity to mana burn
    9Troll heart 10
    • Adds 1 extra health every time you gain a level
    10Tower shield 35
    • Grants additional 10% to the physical resistance
    11Mage helm 32
    • Grants additional 10% to the magical resistance
    12Scouting orb 21
    • Increases your sight radius (tiles 2 away from you are now semivisible)
    13Blue bead 22
    • Offers 1 extra mana after every kill
    14Stone of seekers 26
    • Reveal the location of all monsters.
    15Spoon 1
    • Increases base damage by 1
    16Stone sigil 45
    • Grants immunity to death gaze
    17Badge of courage 20
    • Provides death protection
    18Talisman of rebirth 52
    • Instantly restores health to maximum
    • Cures poison
    19Sign of the spirits 62
    • Instantly restores mana to maximum
    • Cures mana burn
    20Bonebreaker 29
    • Adds a 30% damage bonus to your next attack only
    21Stone heart 31
    • Restores 2 health whenever a wall is destroyed
    22Fire heart 38
    • Restores 10 health whenever an undead creature is destroyed
    23Platemail 50
    • Grants additional 20% physical resistance
    24Mage plate 45
    • Grants additional 20% magical resistance
    25Venom blade 55
    • Regular attacks do poison damage
    26Flaming sword 35
    • Attack damage counts as magical damage
    27Dancing sword 44
    • Grants first strike
    28Zombie Dog 1
    • Provides death protection
    29Dwarven gauntlets 60
    • Additional 20% attack bonus
    • 2 HP bonus
    30Elven boots 65
    • Additional 20% dodge bonus
    • 2 MP bonus
    31Keg o' health 55
    • 3 health potions
    32Keg o' magic 55
    • 3 mana potions
    33WEYTWUT glyph 50
    • Creates the WEYTWUT glyph
    34HALPMEH glyph 50
    • Creates the HALPMEH glyph
    35BLUDTUPOWA glyph 50
    • Creates the BLUDTUPOWA glyph
    36Crystal ball 50
    • Regenerates your mana twice as quickly
    37Agnostic's collar 10
    • Allows you to safely renounce your current deity
    38Vampiric sword 65
    • Adds 20% life steal
    39Spiked flail 80
    • Adds 50% knockback
    40Alchemist's scroll 72
    • Drinking a potion adds 6 max health permanently
    41Ring of the battlemage 90
    • Adds an additional 50% to the fireball damage
    42Wicked guitar 70
    • Increases base damage by 10
    • Reduces life steal by 20%
    43Berserker's blade 120
    • Increases damage bonus by 50%
    • Reduces maximum mana to 1
    44Magician's moonstrike 120
    • Adds 15 to maximum mana
    • Reduces base damage to 1
    45Terror slice 120
    • Increases damage bonus by 100%
    • Reduces maximum health to 1
    46Amulet of Yendor 115
    • Grants 50 bonus experience points
    47Orb of Zot 120
    • Temporarily sets all monsters to 50% health


    : keep in mind that the Tinker class gets a 20% discount on store prices.


    • Monster Masher
      • Kill an enemy one level above you (any standard dungeon)
    • Recycler
      • Get 6 full conversions in one dungeon run
    • Goliath Gutter
      • Kill an enemy three levels above you
    • One Weird Trick
      • Petrify an enemy, then earn more than double its experience value on your next kill
    • Popcorn Bowl
      • Earn extra experience from five enemies in a standard dungeon run while they're slowed
    • Waste Not, Want Not
      • Waste fewer than 50 tiles of regeneration to win a standard dungeon run
    • Sponsor
      • Upgrade any hero guild to level 3
    • Level Cannon
      • Gain a level in the middle of a fight to defeat a regular level 10 boss
    • Irresistible
      • Break completely through an enemy's physical or magical resistance
    • Apostate
      • Spend piety on two different gods in one dungeon
    • Difficult Decisions
      • Replace a locker item when all guild slots are full
    • Archmage
      • Reach 25 maximum mana
    • Punchomancer
      • Destroy ten walls with PISORF in one standard dungeon run
    • Titan Toppler
      • Kill an enemy five levels above you
    • RoboCop
      • Have Might, Death Protection and Stone Skin active at the same time (from glyphs or other sources)
    • Cauterise The Wound
      • Block 1000 points of regeneration with burning or poison
    • Tank
      • Reach 200 maximum health
    • Colossus Crusher
      • Kill an enemy seven levels above you
    • Supreme Slayer
      • Kill an enemy nine levels above you
    • Look Ma, No Hands
      • Hidden
    • One-Inch Punch
      • Reach 150 total damage
    • Thank You!
      • Hidden
    • No Returns Policy
      • Immediately convert ten items bought from standard dungeon shop
    • Sim City
      • Fully upgrade your Kingdom
    • Hero Literate
      • Complete all bronze challenges
    • How Did They Even ...
      • Hidden
    • You Suck
      • Hidden
    • Thousand Pound Stare
      • Hidden
    • Polytheist
      • Spend piety on four different gods in one dungeon
    • Boy Scout
      • Spend at least 300 gold on preparations for a single dungeon run
    • Theologian
      • Discover all god likes and dislikes
    • Typhoid Mary
      • Use five different poison cure methods in a single dungeon run
    • Dungeoneer
      • Complete all silver challenges
    • Guildmaster
      • Complete all gold challenges
    • Masochist
      • Spend 100 hours in the dungeons


    No Caption Provided

    The full retail version of Desktop Dungeons features a fullly developed soundtrack written by Danny Baranowsky and Gran Kirkhope. The Desktop Dungeons Original Soundtrack features 25 original tracks and is available for preview and purchase on Bandcamp for $9.99.


    1.Danny Baranowsky - Desktop Destiny
    2.Danny Baranowsky - To T'Oriel We Go
    3.Grant Kirkhope - Go At Thy Fate
    4.Danny Baranowsky, Grant Kirkhope - You've Got Palisades!
    5.Danny Baranowsky, Grant Kirkhope - Golden Sacks
    6.Danny Baranowsky, Grant Kirkhope - Whaaarrgarrrbl
    7.Grant Kirkhope - Pymmm's Grotto
    8.Danny Baranowsky - Boggy Bottom
    9.Danny Baranowsky, Grant Kirkhope - Goats N' Goblins
    10.Danny Baranowsky - A Kingdom's Lament
    11.Danny Baranowsky - Troll In A Minor
    12.Grant Kirkhope - Dragoneye
    13.Danny Baranowsky - Dunes Of Damnation
    14.Danny Baranowsky - Words Of Calling
    15.Danny Baranowsky - Times New Evil
    16.Grant Kirkhope - The Namtar Giveth
    17.Grant Kirkhope - Reptilian Rhapsody
    18.Danny Baranowsky - Priests in the East
    19.Grant Kirkhope - The Dragon With The Girl Tattoo
    20.Grant Kirkhope - Nagarena
    21.Grant Kirkhope - Oasis Denied
    22.Grant Kirkhope - Desktop Done
    23.Danny Baranowsky, Grant Kirkhope - Corrosive Circumstances
    24.Grant Kirkhope - The Namtar Taketh Away
    25.Danny Baranowsky - The Gauntlet Drops


    Desktop Dungeons won the "Excellence in Design" award at the 2011 Independent Games Festival.


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