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    Despicable Me: The Game

    Game » consists of 9 releases. Released Jul 06, 2010

    The game based off of the film of the same name

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    Become Gru, one of the world's greatest supervillains and plan the biggest heist in history... Steal the moon! Players command armies of tireless, little yellow minions to solve many puzzles and missions. Do this with an arsenal of despicable weapons and gadgets such as magnet guns, freeze rays and battle-ready vehicles to vanquish all who stand in their way. You will be able to fly Gru's aircraft in daring missions against his rival, Vector. You can even play as Vector in a variety of multiplayer air combat modes.


    • Play as Gru, the supervillain from Despicable Me: Become the mastermind as he sets off on a series of despicable heists to obtain components to build a rocket ship and steal the moon!
    • Command an Army of Comical Minions: Command your own army of loyal minions to complete the many puzzles and missions.
    • Utilize an arsenal of Despicable weapons and gadgets: Unique weapons and gadgets such as shrink rays, freeze rays, battle-ready vehicles and more to allow players to eliminate all who stand in their way.
    • Master Air Combat: Players will be able to fly Gru's aircraft in daring missions against his rival, vector.
    • Enjoyable Air Combat Multiplayer Modes: Fly with either Gru or Vector in number of multiplayer air combat modes including fortress defending, minion collection and more!
    • Explore your Despicable side: Find the despicable side in you by causing general mayhem as you track and replay levels to improve your "Despicableness" through the Despicable Rating.

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