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    Destructible Missiles

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    In most shooters missiles are indestructible, but there is games where they can be destroyed by projectiles

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    This game possibility is often made to have an other chance to not be hit by a rocket or missile, when it comes to a shooter this adds a certain strategy rather than always dodging the rockets we can try to destroy them. Destroying rockets can annihilate their effect (the rocket is destroyed without causing any damage), reduce or simply making them detonating before they hit us. Some games like these old rail shooters had this mechanic because there is no mean to move, then we had the possibility to destroy the missiles to protect ourselves. In Unreal Tournament redeemer missiles could be destroyed with any weapon, but while most weapons only made the missile exploding with minimum damage, doing it by launching ASMD shock cores made the missile exploding with full effect. In UT 200X, redeemer missiles have no effect, and in UT 2004 the announcer announces its destruction.
    In strategy games missiles can be destroyed with specific defense systems, like interception missiles, lasers or even gatlings, these weapons are sometimes only designed for this task.
    The game moon project features an anti rocket system that can only destroy incoming missiles or rockets and/or some AA weapons like the laser canons from Avenger featured in C&C generals who is able to deal against aircrafts and intercept missiles and rockets as well.

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