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    Destruction Derby 2

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Oct 31, 1996

    Destruction Derby 2 is the sequel to 1995's Destruction Derby.

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    Destruction Derby 2 is a game released in 1996 for the Sony PlayStation and PC, developed by Reflections Interactive. A version for the Sega Saturn was also planned and developed, but never released.


    You'll find three cars to choose from, Rookie, Amateur and Pro. Each has its strengths, the Rookie car is pretty easy to keep on the road but slow, Amateur is all around good at speed and handling and the Pro car is faster but a little loose in the handling department.

    Destruction Derby Bowl event
    Destruction Derby Bowl event


    There are three modes to choose from: Wreckin' Racing, Stock Car Racing and Destruction Derby. In Wreckin' Racing, your goal is to deal out as much damage as you can to your opponents. Each hit to another car will yield a certain amount of points, bigger hits reward more points with the most points coming from spinning out an opponent or completely "wreckin" their ride. Stock Car Racing is for those players wishing to focus on the checkered flag, though you can still use your car to persuade your way to first place. Finally, theres the inevitable Destruction Derby mode which is loosely based on the real world demolition derby where the last car still running is the winner. There is also a variation on the Destruction Derby mode called "Total Destruction" where each of the other 19 cars will simply try to hit the player's car. In this mode the object is to survive as long as possible.


    Destruction Derby 2 features 7 racing tracks and 4 demolition derby bowls.

    Racing Tracks:

    • Pine Hills Raceway
      Rubbin' is racin'!
      Rubbin' is racin'!
    • Chalk Canyon
    • Caprio County Raceway
    • SCA Motorplex
    • Black Sail Valley
    • Liberty City

    • SCA Ultimate Destruction Speedway

    Demolition Derby Bowls:

    • Red Pike Arena
    • The Colosseum
    • The Pit
    • Death Bowl


    The soundtrack for the game was mostly performed by the unsigned thrash metal bands Jug (of Sunderland, UK) and Tuscan. Four of Jug's songs are available with vocals on their Myspace profile.

    • Jug: "Slapshot"
    • Jug: "Rejected"
    • Jug: "Dead Happy"
    • Jug: "Footsteps"
    • Jug: "Little Pig"
    • Jug: "Better"
    • Jug: "Pushed Away"
    • Tuscan: "Telekenesis"
    • Tuscan: "Pinnacle"
    • Jug: How Do You Know
    • Jug: "Soundcheck"
    • Jug: "Joyrider"
    • Jug: "Direction"
    • Jug: "Jade"
    • Jug: "Breed"
    • Tuscan: "Sun Dive"
    • Jug: "Burn Out"
    • Jug: "Crawl"

    Intro & Credits Animation Soundtrack

    The in-game credits are somewhat muddled on this topic, the greatest faux pas being the misspelling of Mike's surname. The intro animation features an initial tune by CoLD SToRAGE for the Psygnosis Logo and game logo, then follows up with music by Mike Clarke for the race sequence. The music that plays over the End Credits is by CoLD SToRAGE.


    One of the more noticeable improvements over the original Destruction Derby is tracks that feature hills, banked corners, bridges and jumps. Cars can also become airborne and will flip over and roll accurately due to improved physics. The destructibility of the car models is also more realistic. Hoods, trunk lids and tires can all become dislodged.


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