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Destruction Derby Arenas is a successor to previous games in the Destruction Derby games. While not introducing much changes, it introduced a more childish and cartoon-like tone, rather than the previous games that focused more on realism. With that being said, it was one of the flagship games of the Playstation 2's online capability. Also, it is one of the selected few games to get patched by the PS2, as the current game version is 1.1.

Single Player Game

The Single Player consists of a rather short, uninteresting sequence of events that include racing, Destruction Derby, and a new mode that combines both event types. Over the course of the campaign the player will meet a handful of characters, and must do extra side challenges in order to unlock their car for use in Multiplayer. The cars in the game no longer resemble real cars like in previous destruction derby games, they resemble creative, cartoon cars. One of the main criticisms was that while the cars do look somewhat different, they all handle in the same uninteresting way.

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