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The plot revolves around the young detective Shinichi Kudo who unintentionally shrunk into a little kid body due to a poison created by the Black Organization (a mob). Which in turn led him to follow a life of secrecy to hide his real identity in order to protect himself and his love interest Ran Mouri from the criminal mob.

Shinichi Kudo used the alias Conan Edogawa and lived with Ran's detective father Kogoro in his agency in order to track the criminals who poisoned him. Thus leading him to solve the crimes and cases that happen inadvertently by using Kogoro's body and voice as a medium by the help of Professor Agasa gadgets.


The anime\manga atmosphere is always filled with mystery and adventure. The stories focus on crime, deceptiveness, and Intellect. Comical and romance situations are also a big part of the series and is not muffled by the mere "darker" and "serious elements of the story.


-"Conan Edogawa" is a combination of two famous detective novelists: Conan Doyle and Edogawa Ranpo.

-Professor "Agasa" name is a corruption of "Agatha Christie", the name of a mystey novelist.


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